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THE ORCHESTRA In this new ve,çon of "DIE FLEDERMAUS," the orchestration has been care-fully arranged to meet the requirements of modest or large orchestras. The minimum combination for an effective performance is: Flute; 1st B flat Clarinet; 1st and 2nd Trumpets; Ist Trombone; Percussion and Strings. Thereafter, instruments should he added in the following order: 2nd B flat Clarinet; Oboe; 2nd Trombone; Bassoon; 1st and 2nd Horns and lastly, Harp. The work is liberally cued. In the absence of the Oboe, the 1st Trumpet should play these cues MUTED. Oboe cues are doubled in Flute and Clarinet where practicable, and Horn and Bassoon cues appear in Cello, Trombone and Trumpet parts. It is emphasized that a complete string section should be used, but Clarinet, parts contain many essential cues to be played in the absence of a Viola. The string parts are bowed where necessary, and the Ist Violin has all important melody cues through-out. The vocal score carries instrumentation marks for the musical director's assistance. - RONALD HANMER Scenes and Settings ACT 1 - THE EISENSTEIN APARTMENT ACT 2 - A SALON IN PRINCE ORLOFSKY'S VILLA ACT 3 - THE PRISON GOVERNOR'S OFFICE Period: The year is 1874 MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 OVERTURE 1. LIFE IS A SONG (Adele, Alfred and Chorus) - "Life is a song for we're well contented here" 2. TRIO - NEVER GO TO LAW (Gabriel, Rosalinda, Blint) - "Never, never go to law! Now I'm worse off than before 3. DUET - WHAT A NIGHT (Falke, Gabriel) - "Who's to know if you go incognito" 4. TRIO - HOW SAD WE ARE (Rosalinda, Gabriel, Adele) - "My dearest one when you are gone" 5. TRIO & CHORUS - HERE'S TO LOVE (Alfred, Rosalinda, Frank and Chorus) - Won't you slip this glass of wine?" 5a. - MELOS 6. TRIO & CHORUS - A MARRIED COUPLE, A HOME SERENE (Rosalinda, Alfred, Frank and Chorus) - "The gentleman quite obviously is here at home alone with me" 6a. - MELOS 7. FINALE ACT I - "You may meet my Gabriel in jail - who can tell?" ACT 2 8. OPENING ACT 2 - WHAT A FEAST (Chorus) - "What a feast, what a dance, what a scene of lavish splendour! 9. SONG - CHACUN A SON GOUT (Orlofsky and Chorus) - "Whenever I've people here to dine" 10. SONG - THE LAUGHING SONG (Adele, Orlofsky, Falke, Gabriel and Chorus) - "How very entertaining" 11. SONG - HOMELAND (Rosalinda and Chorus) - "Homeland, dear homeland" 12. DUET - THE TICK-TOCK POLKA (Gabriel and Rosalinda)- "What a dreamer, what a creature" 13. ENSEMBLE - CHAMPAGNE (Principals and Chorus) - "Good wines if you can afford 'em" 13a. - MERCI, MERCI, MERCI ! (Ensemble) - "The best of health mon cher ami" 14. SONG - BROTHER MINE (Falke & Ensemble) - "Brother mine, brother mine and sister mine" 15. BALLET MUSIC (with chorus)