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FLAHOOLEY A Musical Comedy in Two Acts, 17 Scenes. Book by E. Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy. Music by Sammy Fain. Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg. Dances and musical numbers staged by Helen Tamiris. 14 May 1951 at the Broadhurst Theatre and closed 17 June 1951 after 40 performances. SYNOPSIS The allegorical tale is set in fictional Capsulanti, USA, site of the headquarters for B.G. Bigelow, Incorporated, the largest toy corporation in the world. Puppet designer Sylvester has created laughing doll Flahooley and is about to unveil it as the company's big Christmas release to the board of directors when the meeting is interrupted by a Saudi Arabian delegation. Their country has run out of oil, the magic lamp upon which they rely is broken, and they hope someone can repair it so genie Abou Ben Atom, who keeps things running smoothly, will reappear and help them in their time of need. Bigelow, enamored with Princess Najla, agrees and assigns Sylvester to the project. He succeeds and, hoping to become wealthy enough to marry his model Sandy, asks for assistance from the genie who, unclear on the concept of capitalism, begins giving away thousands of dolls. Before long a witch is pursuing him in an effort to put an end to his misguided generosity. CAST (in order of appearance): • A March of Time Voice • Clyde • Mirabelle • Sandy • Sylvester • Griselda • Switchboard Operators • K. T. Pettigrew • Board of Director (6) - Quimsby; Peabody; Evans; Farquarson; Lovingham; Hastings; • The Voice on the P.A. • B. G. Bigelow • Miss Buckley • Clayfoot Trowbridge • Fowzi, the Younger Arab • El-Akbar, the Elder Arab • Najla • Buyers • Abou Ben Atom • Elsa Bullinger Citizens of Capsulanti; Arabs; Nurse; Flahooley; Radio Voice; Marionettes; Singers; Dancers; Puppet Singing Voices SCENES AND SETTINGS: Act 1 • Scene 1: B. G. Bigelow, Inc. • Scene 2: A Section of the Puppet Laboratory. • Scene 3: Telephone Room. • Scene 4: The Board Room. • Scene 5: Bigelow's Toyland Bazaar. • Scene 6: The Bigelow Hall of Fame (Showroom to you). • Scene 7: The Puppet Laboratory. • Scene 8: (Najla's Specialty.) • Scene 9: Bigelow's Inner Sanctum. Act 2 • Scene 1: B. G. Bigelow, Inc. • Scene 2: City Hall Sqaure. • Scene 3: B. C. Bigelow Inc. • Scene 4: Bigelow's Bagdad. • Scene 5: Hospital Waiting-Room. • Scene 6: Abou's Hospital Room. • Scene 7: Sing the Merry. • Scene 8: Main Street-Capsulanti.