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to leave Deborah. I’m going to leave my wife. And I want us to be together.” Gliardi enters, infuriated by Cal’s public statement, and as the Tina and Cal dance, Gliardi draws a gun, and shoots Calvin dead. As Tina protests, Gliardi finishes the job, by killing her as well. The full ensemble, including Violet, Deborah, and Deborah and Calvin’s son, Calvin Chandler Jr., enters to mourn the fallen hero. The Reporters ask if there is, “Another Chandler waiting in the wings?” Violet reaches for Calvin Chandler Jr. and holds him tight to her, assuring that yes, there is. ORIGINAL CAST •John Barrowman - Cal Chandler •David Firth - Reed Chandler •Christina Fry - Donna •David Bardsley - Peter •Richard D Sharp - Richard •Philip Quast - Grahame Chandler •Kathryn Evans - Violet Chandler •Hannah Tollman - Danielle •Bogdan Kominowski - Bobby 'Cracker' Barrel •Gael Johnson - Deborah Pullman •Christina Fry - Sheila •Carrie Ellis - Leslie Pynchon •Krysten Cummings - Tina McCoy •Nicholas Pound - Anthony Gliardi •Mark Frendo - Frankie Diamanti •Christopher Hold - Cardinal O'Hare •John Partidge - Priest/Dance Captain •Thomas Hawes/Thomas Moll/Archie Preston - Calvin Chandler Jr CAST • DONNA - The Secretary • PETER HALE - The always present, Head of Security • REED CHANDLER - The Candidate. A charming politician on the outside, a slimy politician on the inside. • GRAHAME CHANDLER - The mastermind behind the Chandler run for president. Although the brains of the family, could never run for office himself due to a childhood case of polio, and the lack of any charm whatsoever. • VIOLET CHANDLER - The Widow. The tenacious wife of Reed Chandler, who is determined to get into The White House. • BOBBY "CRACKER" BARREL - A lowlife murderer. • CAL CHANDLER - The reluctant son of Violet and Reed, who dreams only of becoming a rock star. • DANIELLE - The Chandler’s maid • ARMY SERGEANT - The stern commander of Cal’s platoon • DEBORAH PULLMAN - A beautiful debutante who is to become Cal’s wife. • MARIA - The Chandler’s assistant • LESLIE PYNCHON - The persistent media coach • TINA McCOY - A sultry stripper, who becomes Cal’s mistress • ANTHONY GLIARDI - A mobster, as well as a “friend” of the Chandler family • FRANKIE DIAMONTE - Anthony’s right hand man • RICHARD - The Doctor for Grahame • CARL MORELAND - The upright district attorney, with political aspirations of his own ALSO: Assorted Reporters, Mourners, Servants, Staff, Soldiers, Supporters, Club Patrons, Businessmen, Clergy, Mobsters, Showgirls, Newsboys, Doctors, Nurses, Etc.