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not on his person, and when Bingley suddenly arrives to be re-united with Jane, she allows Mrs. Bennet to persuade her to go to Netherfield to apologise. Together Darcy and Elizabeth overcome their pride and prejudice, based on first impressions, and agree that the heart has indeed won the game. CAST (in order of appearance) Mr. Bennet Mary Bennet Mrs. Bennet Lydia Bennet Kitty Bennet Jane Bennet Maid Elizabeth Bennet Lady Lucas Charlotte Lucas Caroline Bingley Charles Bingley Fitzwilliam Darcy Coachmen Captain Wickham Lieutenant Denny Lieutenant Rockingham Sir William Lucas Butler Mr. Stubbs Williams Collins Butler at Rosings Lady Catherine de Bourgh Lady Anne Dancers; Singers MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Five Daughters - Mrs Bennet 2. I'm Me - Elizabeth, Mary, Lydia, Kitty, Jane 3. Have You Heard the News? - Mrs Bennet, Townspeople 4. The Assembly Dance - Townspeople, Officers 5. A Perfect Evening - Darcy, Elizabeth 6. As Long as There's a Mother - Mrs Bennet, Mary, Lydia, Kitty, Jane 7. Jane - Charles, Darcy 8. Love Will Find Out the Way Elizabeth 9. Gentlemen Don't Fall Wildly in Love - Darcy 10. Fragrant Flower - Collins, Elizabeth 11. I Feel Sorry for the Girl - Jane, Charles, Ensemble 12. Dance - Mary, Lt. Denny, Lydia, Capt Wikham, Kitty, Lt. Rockingham 13. I Suddenly Find It Agreeable - Elizabeth, Darcy 14. This Really Isn't Me - Elizabeth 15. Finaletto Act 1 - Mrs Bennet, Mary, Lydia, Kitty, Jane 16. Wasn't It a Simply Lovely Wedding? - Elizabeth, Mrs Bennet, Charlotte, Collins, Ensemble 17. A House in Town - Mrs Bennet 18. The Heart Has Won the Game - Darcy 19. I'm Me (reprise) - Elizabeth 20. Dance - Capt Wikham, Lydia, Officers 21. Let's Fetch the Carriage - Elizabeth, Mrs Bennet 22. The Heart Has Won the Game (reprise) - Darcy, Elizabeth SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: Longbourn. Home of the Bennets in Hertfordshire, England, 1813. Scene 2: A Road in Meryton. Scene 3: The Assembly at Meryton. Scene 4: Longbourn. Scene 5: Netherfield Hall. Scene 6: Longbourn. Scene 7: The Garden at Netherfield Hall. Scene 8: The Lawn at Netherfield Hall. Scene 9: Longbourn. Act 2 Scene I: A Church in Kent. Scene 2: Rosings. Home of Lady Catherine de Bourgh in Kent. Scene 3: A Street in Meryton. Scene 4: Longbourn. Scene 5: Longbourn. Scene 6: Netherfield Hall. DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast Recordin. DRG 1903