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he does. Along the way, Casey decides that feels a true connection and sees potential with Aaron, and Aaron feels like he would be willing to risk his heart again if it was for Casey. Throughout the walk, all of the voices that have been talking to them all night voice their opinions but Casey and Aaron ignore them. When they reach Casey's apartment, they say goodnight to each other and go their separate ways. However, Casey stands in front of her apartment building, not wanting to actually walk inside and leave Aaron, and Aaron can't seem to walk further down the street to leave. Casey and Aaron sing the last verse on opposite sides of the stage, and as Casey and Aaron finish the song, they run from opposite sides of the stage and kiss ("Something That Will Last"). MUSICAL NUMBERS The show is performed without an intermission. 1. The One – Company 2. First Impressions – Aaron, Casey 3. Bailout Song #1 – Reggie 4. The Girl For You – Company 5. The Awkward Pause – Company 6. Allison's Theme #1 – Allison 7. The World Wide Web Is Forever - Company 8. Total Loser - Company†† 9. That's Why You Love Me – Edgy Ex-Boyfriends 10. Bailout Song #2 – Reggie 11. Safer – Casey 12. I'd Order Love – Waiter 13. Allison's Theme #2 – Aaron, Allison, Gabe 14. The Things I Never Said – Aaron, Aaron's Mother 15. Bailout Song #3 – Reggie 16. In Love With You – Aaron 17. The Check! – Company 18. First Impressions (reprise) – Reggie, Waiter 19. Something That Will Last – Casey, Aaron, Company CAST • Aaron • Casey • Man #1 (Gabe/Edgy British Guy) • Man #2 (Reggie/Edgy Rocker Guy) • Man #3 (Waiter/Therapist) First Date: Vocal Selections Original Broadway Cast Recording