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8. (In) Sapphire Seas (Opening Chorus Act 2) - Sybil Vandare, Ensemble 9. Tommy Atkins (on a Dress-Parade) (I Want to be a Jolly Soldier) - Nina Corelli, Ensemble 10. Sympathy - Geraldine Vandare, John Thurston 11. A Woman's Smile - Jack Travers 12. De Trop - Jenkins, Pietro, Suzette, Chorus 13. We're Going to Make a Man of You - Nina Corelli, Herr Franz, Jack Travers, John Thurston, Jenkins 14. The Beautiful Ship from Toyland - Herr Franz, Male Chorus 15. When a Maid Comes Knocking at Your Heart - Nina Corelli, Jack Travers, Herr Franz 16. Finale Act 2 - Ensemble 17. Opening Chorus Act 3 - Ensemble 18. An American Beauty Rose - John Thurston, Ensemble 19. The Latest Thing from Paris - Pietro, Suzette 20. Kiss Me and 'Tis Day (The Dawn of Love) - Nina Corelli 21. Finale - Ensemble SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: Recreation Pier, Foot of 23rd Street, New York. Present time. Act 2: The Vandare Estate, Bermuda. Three weeks later. Act 3: The Vandare Home, New York. Three years later.