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MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 1. Song of the Hangman - Hangman, Two Assistants 2. Come to Florence (Civic Song) - Hangman, Chorale Ensemble, Arlecchino, Columbina, Commedia Dell' Arte Dancers 3. My Lords and Ladies (Aria) - Benvenuto Celllini, Apprentices,Choral Ensemble 4. There Was Life, There Was Love, There Was Laughter (Farewell Song) - Benvenuto Celllini, Choral Ensemble 5. You're Far Too Near Me (Love Song) - Angela, Benvenuto Celllini 6. Alessandro the Wise (The Duke's Song) - Duke, Choral Ensemble 7. I Am Happy Here (Finaletto) - Duke, Ottaviano, Benvenuto Celllini, Angela, Marquis, Emelia, Choral Ensemble 8. Sing Me Not a Ballad (The Duchess' Song) - Duchess, 4 Courtiers 9. When the Duchess Is Away (Madrigal) - Captain of the Guard, Duke, Emelia, Choral Ensemble 10. There'll Be Life, Love and Laughter (Love Song) - Benvenuto Celllini, Angela 11. I Know Where There's a Cozy Nook (Trio) - Duke, Angela, Benvenuto Celllini 12. The Nighttime Is No Time for Thinking (Night Music) - Emelia, Duke, Angela, Choral Ensemble 13. Dizzily, Busily (Tarantella) - Emelia, Choral Ensemble, Arlecchino, Columbina, Commedia Dell' Arte Dancers 14. Finale - Entire Company ACT 2 15. You're Far Too Near Me (reprise) - Angela, Benvenuto Celllini 16. The Little Naked Boy (Cavatina) - Angela, Female Choral Ensemble 17. My Dear Benvenuto (Letter Song) - Benvenuto Celllini, Angela 18. Just in Case (March of the Soldiers of the Duchy) - Captain of the Guard, Soldiers of the Duchy 19. A Rhyme for Angela (Ode)- Duke, Poets, Ladies in Waiting 20. Procession - Hangman, Vendors, Apprentices, Models, Clerks 21. The World Is Full of Villains (Chant of Law and Order) - Duke, Clerks, Magistrates, Choral Ensemble 22. You Have to Do What You Do Do (Trial By Music) - Benvenuto Celllini, Duke, Marquis, Duchess, Ottaviano, Magistrate, Choral Ensemble 23. Love Is My Enemy (Duet) - Benvenuto Celllini, Angela 24. The Little Naked Boy (reprise) - Duchess, Angela 25. Come to Paris (Civic Song) - Marquis, Two Ladies of Paris, Choral Ensemble 26. Finale - 27. Gigue - The Commedia Dell' Arte Dancers 28. Sarabande - Choral Ensemble 29. There'll Be Life, Love and Laughter - Entire Ensemble SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I Scene 1: A Public Square in Florence. Time: 1535. Scene 2: Cellini's Workshop. Scene 3: The City Gates. Scene 4: The Garden of the Summer Palace. Act 2 Scene 1: Cellini's Workshop. Scene 2: Outside the City Palace. Scene 3: A Loggia in the City Palace. Scene 4: The Grand Council Chamber at the Palace. Scene 5: The Palace of the King of France.