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CAST (in order of appearance) Announcer Fiorello Neil Morris Mrs. Pomerantz Mr. Lopez Mr. Zappatella Dora Marie Ben Ed Peterson Second Player Third Player Fourth Player Fifth Player Sixth Player Seedy Man First Heckler Second Heckler Third Heckler Fourth Heckler Nina Floyd Sophie Thea: Secretary: Commissioner Politician Frankie Scarpini Mitzi Florence Reporter First Man Second Man Tough Man Derby Frantic Judge Carter Singers, Dancers MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. On the Side of the Angels - Neil, Morris, Marie 2. Politics and Poker - Ben, Politicians 3. Unfair - Fiorello, Dora, Girls 4. Marie's Law - Marie, Morris 5. The Name's LaGuardia - Fiorello, Company 6. The Bum Won - Ben, Politicians 7. I Love a Cop - Dora 8. I Love a Cop (reprise) - Dora, Floyd 9. Till Tomorrow - Thea, Company 10. Home Again - Company 11. When Did I Fall in Love - Thea 12. Gentleman Jimmy - Mitzi, Dancing Girls 13. Gentleman Jimmy (reprise) - Company 14. Little Tin Box - Ben, Politicians 15. The Very Next Man - Marie 16. Politics and Poker (reprise) - Ben, Politicians 17. The Very Next Man (reprise) - Marie 18. Finale - The Name's LaGuardia (reprise) - Politicians SCENES AND SETTINGS Prologue: WNYC Radio Station Studios, New York City. 1914. Act 1 •Scene 1: Law Offices of Fiorello H. LaGuardia in Greenwich Village. •Scene 2: Main Room of the Ben Marino Association. •Scene 3: A Street outside strike headquarters. •Scene 4: Fiorello's Office immediately following. •Scene 5: A Street Corner. •Scene 6: The same, after Fiorello's election. •Scene 7: The Roof of a Greenwich Village Tenement House. •Scene 8: Fiorello's office in the Congressional Office Building in Washington. •Scene 9: A Street. •Scene 10: The Main Room of the Ben Marino Association. •Scene 11: A Pathé News Screening; a ship's gangplank. Act 2 •Scene 1: The LaGuardia Home. Ten years later. •Scene 2: The Terrace of Floyd and Dora McDuffs Penthouse Home. •Scene 3: Fiorello's Law Office. •Scene 4: Madison Avenue and 105th Street. •Scene 5: Fiorello's Law Office. •Scene 6: Radio Announcement •Scene 7: The Main Room of the Ben Marino Association. •Scene 8: Fiorello's Office. Original Broadway Cast Recording Vcal Selections