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only to find Denning waiting in Dorothy's room. Again Dorothy appears and catches the two together and, in a fit of jealousy, orders them both to leave her alone. Miraculously, the show manages to open on time, and all seems to go well until Peggy is accidentally pushed into Dorothy's path by another dancer. Dorothy falls and cannot get up. The curtain comes down, and the producer sacks Peggy on the spot. An announcement goes out that the performance has been abandoned. Act II Dorothy has broken her ankle and will not be able to continue. It seems as if the whole production will have to be cancelled. The dancers, aware that they will be out of a job, try to convince themselves that something can be done. Suddenly one of them has an idea: why not just replace Dorothy? They all agree that Peggy is the girl for the job and quickly convince Marsh, who decides to head back to New York and perform the show with Peggy in the lead role. The only problem is that Peggy has been sacked. Marsh rushes to Broad Street station, where he finds his potential leading lady despondent and ready to forget about a life in show business. Marsh tries to convince her with visions of Broadway, his words are echoed by the rest of the cast until, suddenly, Peggy agrees. She now has a mere 36 hours in which to learn all the songs and dance numbers, under Marsh's unyielding direction. On the big day, she is visited by Dorothy, who explains how her broken ankle come as a blessing in disguise. It made her realise that love is more important then stardom She tells Peggy that she is now married to Denning, and wishes the new leading lady good luck. That night Marsh wills Peggy onto the stage with the immortal words, "You're going out there a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!" The performance is a tremendous success, and Peggy Sawyer is hailed as a new star of the stage. She is invited to a big party at the Ritz, but decides instead to go to the smaller party held by the chorus kids. And after the show she stays behind for a moment to thank the man who has made it all possible, Julian Marsh. CAST: Male 12, Female 9 plus singers, dancers and non-speaking roles (in order of appearance) • Andy Lee • Oscar • Mac • Annie • Maggie Jones • Bert Barry • Billy Lawlor • Peggy Sawyer • Lorraine • Phyllis • Julian Marsh • Dorothy Brock • Abner Dillon • Pat Denning • Thugs • Doctor Chorus SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place during 1933 in New York City and Philadelphia. Act 1 Scene 1: 42nd Street Theatre, New York City. Scene 2: Gypsy Tea Kettle. Scene 3: On Stage. Scene 4: Dorothy Brock's Dressing Room. Scene 5: On Stage. Scene 6: Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia. Scene 7: Regency Club and Dorothy Brock's Suite at Hotel Stratford. Scene 8; Opening Night, Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia. Act 2 Scene 1: Outside Dorothy Brock's Dressing Room, ten minutes later. Scene 2: Dressing Rooms at the Arch Street Theatre. Scene 3: Stage of the Arch Street Theatre. Scene 4: Broad Street Station, Philadelphia. Scene 5: 42nd Street Theater, New York City. Scene 6: Peggy's Dressing Room. Scene 7: Opening Night of Pretty Lady, 42nd Street Theatre, New York City. Scene 8: Backstage.