Shows F

ACT 2 15. When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich - Sharon, Singing Ensemble 16. Dance - Dance company 17. Old Devil Moon (reprise) - Sharon, Woody 18. Dance of the Golden Crock - Susan, accompanied by Sunny Harmonica Player 19. Fiddle Faddle - Og 20. The Begat - Senator Rawkins, Pilgrim Gospellers 21. Look to the Rainbow (reprise) - Sharon, Woody, Singing Ensemble 22. When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love - Og, Susan 23. If This Isn't Love (reprise) - Entire Ensemble 24. Finale - Entire Company PERIOD AND COSTUMES The fabled area of Missitucky, a state in the USA: appropriate costumes for sharecroppers, sheriff, Irish immigrants, Og the leprechaun (with breakaway pants for him to grow out of), geologists, Shears and Robust (formal morning coats, etc.), Preacher and Three Gospellers, Deputies, Senator Rawkins (white Kentucky Colonel suit), and outlandish Hollywood fashions for each sharecropper and their children. CHOREOGRAPHY Modern ballet, couples number, parade, one male quartet number, one female quartet number. Lighting and Special Effects: General lighting. Flash pots, white Senator is turned black on stage, rainbow is projected, lightning strikes. Instrumentation: Violin, A, B, C, D, viola, cello, bass, flute (pic, clar), oboe (Eng. horn), clar I, clar II (flute, pic), bass clar (clar, bassoon), horns I-II, trumpets I-II, trombone I, II, harp, guitar, percussion, piano, piano/conductor. Vocal Score and Libretto on hire only