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NAMED CAST •Susan - dances but does not speak •Finian - comic character man, straight role •Woody and Sharon - romantic singing leads •Og - likeable Leprechaun - sings and dances •Senator Billboard Rawkins - screaming bigot, straight comic role •Sunny, Harmonica Player •Buzz Collins •Sheriff •First Sharecropper •Second Sharecropper •Susan Mahoney •Henry •Finian McLonergan •Sharon McLonergan •Woody Mahoney •Third Sharecropper •Og, a Leprechaun •Howard •Senator Billboard Rawkins •First Geologist •Second Geologist •Diane •Jane •John, the Preacher •Fourth Sharecropper •Mr. Robust •Mr. Shears •First Passion Pilgrim Gospeller •Second Passion Pilgrim Gospeller •Third Passion Pilgrim Gospeller •First Deputy •Second Deputy •Third Deputy Children: Dancers: Singin Ensemble : large chorus of separate singing and dancing ensembles. Strong choral work. Featured chorus parts SCENES & SETTINGS Act I Scene 1: The Meetin' Place, Rainbow Valley, Missitucky Scene 2: The same Scene 3: The Colonial Estate of Senator Billboard Rawkins Scene 4: The Meetin' Place Scene 5: A Path in the Woods Scene 6: The Meetin' Place Act II Scene 1: Rainbow Valley Scene 2: A wooded section of the hill Scene 3: The Meetin' Place Scene 4: Just Before Dawn MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 1. This Time of the Year - Singing Ensemble 2. Dance - Susan, Dance Ensemble 3. How Are Things in Glocca Morra? - Sharon 4. Look to the Rainbow - Sharon, Singing Ensemble 5. Dance - Finian, Susan, Solo Dancer, Dance Ensemble 6. Old Devil Moon - Sharon, Woody 7. How Are Things in Glocca Morra? (reprise) - Sharon 8. Something Sort of Grandish - Sharon, Og 9. If This Isn't Love - Sharon, Woody, Singing Ensemble 10. Dance - Susan. Two Couples, The Uninitiated, The Tenative Two, The Intense Pair, The Exuberant Ones, Solo Dancer, Triangle, Another Couple 11. Something Sort of Grandish (reprise) - Og 12. Necessity - Ensemble 13. (That) Great Come-and-Get-It-Day - Sharon, Woody, Singing Ensemble 14. Dance - Dance Ensemble