Shows F

14. In Formation Please - Benny Hill, Shani Wallis, Irving Davies, Rose Hill, Mildred Mayne, Clemence Bettany, Terry Day and the Dancers 15. Midnight - Roberton Hare, hani Wallis, and Irving Davies 16. To See a Fine Lady - Benny Hill, Perter Vernon, Rose Hill, Bruice GOrdon, Mildred Maynem and Oliver 17. Falling - Shani Wallis & the Male Dancers 18. Boy at the Fair - Benny Hill 19. Spice of Life - Irbving Davies, Tommy Shaw, David Spurling 20. The Observer - Robertson Hare 21. Scare Crow - Vivienne Martin 22. Moment Musicale - Introduced by Peter Vernon 23. Small Town Episode - Shani Wallis & the Dancers 24. The Traitor - Intruduced by Vivienne Martin with Benny Hill & Robertson Hare 25. Finale - The Full Company The Dancers: Janet Hall, Nita Howard, Heather Lynn, Maureen Sims, James Dark, Marlcom MacDonald, Tommy Shaw, David Spurling