Shows F

• Joyce Wheeler • Emmitt Carroll, of Terre Haute, Indiana • Gladys Carroll, His Wife • Peter Forbes, of The Street • Looloo Carroll • Sylvia, a Tourist • May De Vere, a Cabaret Artist • Mrs. De Vere, Her 'Ma' • Mr. Ira Rosen, of Battle Creek, Michigan • Mrs. Rosen • Junior, Their Son • Violet Hildegarde • Boule de Neige, a Jockey • Oscar, a Stable Boy • Monsieur Pernasse, Manager at the Claridge • Le Sahib Roussin, a Fakir • The Grand Duke Ivan Ivanovitch of Russia • Joe Zelli • Maitre d'Hotel at the Chateau Madrid MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. A Toast to Volstead (Opening) - Men's Ensemble 2. You Do Something to Me - Peter, Looloo, 3. The American Express - Ensemble 4. You've Got That Thing - Michael, Joyce 5. Find Me a Primitive Man - May de Vere, Boule de Neige, Oscar, Ensemble 6. Where Would You Get Your Coat? - Violet 7. Do You Want to See Paris? - Peter, California Collegians, Tourists 8. At Longchamps Today - Ensemble 9. (Yankee Doodle) - (Ensemble) 10. The (Happy) Heaven of Harlem - Boule de Neige, Oscar, Chorus 11. Why Shouldn't I Have You? - Joyce, Michael, Chorus 12. Finale - Looloo, Peter 13. (Somebody's Going to Throw a Big Party) - (Ensemble) 14. It isn't Done - Ensemble 15. I'm In Love - Looloo, Ensemble, Hollywood Dancers 16. The Tale of an Oyster - Violet 17. Paree, What Did You Do to Me? - Joyce, Michael 18. You Don't Know Paree - Peter 19. I'm Unlucky at Gambling - May de Vere, Hollywood Dancers Unused numbers • I Worship You • Please Don't Make Me Be Good • The Queen of Terre Haute • Watching the World Go By • Down With Everybody But Us • The Snake in the Grass (ballet) • Why Don't We Try Staying At Home? • That's Why I Love You • The Heaven of Harlem • My Harlem Wench