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be ready the next morning, Jonas gets him to relent. With time running out, Gretchen urges Jonas to try the local bank for the money. By whipping the bank's patrons into a patriotic fervor over war bonds, he convinces the manager to give him a loan. However, when the manager discovers that Jonas is an ex-con, he reneges. Jonas, in a panic, makes a play for the money. With the bank alarm ringing in his ears, he beats a hasty retreat back to the prison to spring Gretchen, but the escape attempt goes terribly wrong. Several months later, the prison yard is packed with guards and witnesses as Jonas Candide is placed in the refurbished electric chair by Jimmy, the new executioner. Jimmy gets so excited as Jonas regales him with descriptions of the hereafter that he revs the generator way too high. When Jimmy pulls the switch everything goes up in flame and smoke. As the smoke begins to clear, we glimpse an image of Gretchen and Jonas alone on stage, waltzing. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Ball and Chain 2. Hubbub 3. The Fields of Ambrosia 4. How Could This Happen? 5. Nuthin' 6. Who Are You? 7. Reasonable Man 8. Step Right Up 9. Too Bad 10. That Rat Is Dead 11. Hungry 12. Continental Sunday 13. Alone 14. The Card Game 15. The Gallows 16. Do It For Me 17. All In This Together 18. The Getaway 19. The Breakout DISCOGRAPHY: Original London Cast - First Night CAST CD 58