Shows F

33. CURTAIN Act II 34. Music for Bows 35. EXIT SCENES & SETTINGS: The Place: Anatevka, a small village in Russia The Time: 1905, on the eve of the Russian revolutionary period Act I Scene 1: In Tevye's kitchen Scene 2: Exterior of Tevye's house Scene 3: Interior of Tevye's house Scene 5: Street outside the Inn Scene 6: On a bench outside Tevye's house Scene 7: Tevye's Bedroom Scene 8: Village street and Motel's tailor shop Scene 9: Section of Tevye's yard Act II Scene 1: Exterior of Tevye's house Scene 2: Village street Scene 3: Exterior of railway station Scene 4: Village Street Scene 5: Motel's Tailor Shop Scene 6: Somewhere on the outskirts of the village Scene 7: The barn Scene 8: Outside Tevye's house INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (piccolo/flute) Reed II (clarinet) Reed III (clarinet/bass clarinet) Reed IV (bassoon) Reed V (oboe/cor anglais) horn, 3 trumpets, trombone, accordion, guitar (acoustic/mandolin/lute), percussion, piano, 6 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, double bass