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cheers..." 9. Money-Lenders' Chorus, with Duke and Pasquino - "I play all games of chance, howe'er insidious..." Finale Act I - "Now the Ducal wedding fète we impatiently await. He comes..." ACT II - The Piazetta, Venice. 10. Opening Chorus and Barcarolle - "O-hè! O-hè! Ah! Over the moonlit waves we glide..." 11. Marinesca - Filippa, Francesca, Marchesa, Duke and Fortunio - "Oh! come my love, the stars are bright..." 12. Song - Fortunio - "Ev'ry knight must have a star, leading him on, leading him on to the glory of war..." 13. Serenade - Duke - "Singing a serenade is no light task, I vow; it is a knack that many lack, but I know how..." 14. Solo and Chorus - Torquato and Bravos - "Giacomo! Michel Angelo! Savonarola! Rafael! ..." 15. Song - Francesca - "When the moon its radiance throws o'er lake and vale..." 16. Duet - Francesca and Fortunio - "Ah, yes, I love thee, have loved thee in all of the bygone years..." 17. March and Chorus - "See! in pomp and pride, our mighty, mighty Doge is drawing near, claiming his bride..." 18. Finale Act II - "Bucentoro! Bucentoro draws near. It is here. Bucentoro now approaches... " ACT III - The Marchesa's Villa near Venice. 19. Carnival Scene - Filippa and Chorus - "Hola! Hola! Hola! To the fête! Come we all to the merry wedding fête!" 20. Duet and Chorus - Duke, Pasquino and Bravos - "We are very poor musicians. Zum, zum, zum, zum..." 21. Serenade - Marchesa and Cavaliers - "Wild bird that singeth from yon shaded bower, what says thy music..." 22. Will-o'-the-wisp Song - Francesca - "Trav'ler wandering wearily in a starless night..." 23. Duet - Francesca and Fortunio - "Dwells an image in my heart; It never will depart; One true love I own..." 24. Finale Act III - "I will return to thee, home of mine, e'en were thine azure skies less divine..." CAST • Francesca - Torquato's daughter, brought up as a boy • Torquato - Fencing Master of the Milanese Court • Pasquino - Private Astrologer to the Duke • Galeazzo Visconti - Duke of Milan • Count Guido Malespina • Filippa - the Duke's Ward • The Marchesa Di Goldoni • Theresa - daughter of a Milanese money-lender • Pietro - an Innkeeper • Michaele Steno - Doge of Venice • Rinaldo - Captain of the Doge's Guards • A Gondolier • Fortunio - rightful heir to the ducal throne SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT I - Milan. ACT II - The Piazetta, Venice. ACT III - The Marchesa's Villa near Venice.