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CAST - Principals: 7 Male, 1 Female. • El Gallo (the Narrator/Bandit) • Matt (the Boy) • Luisa (the Girl) • Hucklebee (the Boy’s father) • Bellomy (the Girl’s father) • Henry (the Old Actor) • Mortimer (the man who dies) • The Mute (who at times acts the part of the Wall) MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Overture 2. Try to Remember – El Gallo, Luisa, Matt, Hucklebee, Bellomy 3. Much More – Luisa 4. Metaphor – Matt, Luisa 5. Never Say No – Hucklebee, Bellomy 6. It Depends On What You Pay – El Gallo, Hucklebee, Bellomy 7. Soon It’s Gonna Rain – Matt, Luisa 8. Rape Ballet (or, with an option offered later, Abduction Ballet) – Company 9. Happy Ending – Company Act II 10. This Plum Is Too Ripe – Matt, Luisa, Hucklebee, Bellomy 11. I Can See It – Matt, El Gallo 12. Plant a Radish – Bellomy, Hucklebee 13. Round and Round – El Gallo, Luisa, Company 14. They Were You – Matt, Luisa 15. Try to Remember (reprise) – El Gallo INSTRUMENTATION: Piano, Harp (or second Piano), Drums, String Bass. Libretto and Vocal Score on Hire DISCOGRAPHY Original Broadway Cast Recording