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SCENES AND SETS: 2 acts, 16 scenes, 8 full stage sets, 2 partial sets, fishnet drop (Hakim's cellar), 2 scene drops, plus large ship model in full sail as it glides off into the mist. Scrim helpful on wedding scene. ACT I Scene 1: Waterfront of Marseille. Scene 2: Harkim's Cellar. Scene 3: Cesar's Bar. Night. Scene 4: Dock. Scene 5: Cesar's Bar. Daytime. Scene 6: Honorine's Kiosk. Scene 7: Panisse's Sail Shop. Scene 8: The Wedding. Scene 9: Waterfront of Marseille. ACT II Scene 1: The Nursery. Scene 2: Panisse's Living Room. Scene 3: Vignette 1. Vignette 2. Vignette 3. Scene 4: Cesario's Room. Scene 5: Circus. Scene 6: A Garage in Toulon. Scene 7: Panisse's Bedroom. PERIOD AND COSTUMING: The action takes place over a period of years in and around the Old Port of Marseille. The precise period is not mentioned or important. Styles should reflect the "Old World" flavour in dresses, men's suits, and sailor uniforms. Arabs, a Moroccan drummer, belly dancer, saloon girls, nuns, a young boy, a maid, a priest, and two acolytes. CHOREOGRAPHY: Belly dance, choreographed couples number as sweethearts kiss their sailors goodbye, folk like town dancing, wedding dance, circus ballet. DISCOGRAPHY: - Original Cast Recording - RCA Victor CD 09026-68074