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SCENES AND SETTINGS 2 acts, 22 scenes, 5 full stage sets, 8 partial stage sets, 4 drops, 1 wedding canopy. ACT I Scene 1a: A Bare Area. Scene 1b: Nook of Alfie's Den and Siegals' TV room. Scene 1c: Foyer in Nathan Apartment. Scene 2: The Siegals' Bedroom. Scene 2a: A Telephone Traveller. Scene 3: In Front of Traveller, Alfie's Office, Bookshop, Flowershop, and Bakery. Scene 4: Bridal Shop at Marshall Field. Scene 5: Country Club Gym. Scene 6: Siegals' Backyard. Scene 7: Alfie's Backyard. Scene 7A: A Football Field. Scene 8: Old Oaks Country Club. Scene 9: Nook of Alfie's Den. ACT II Scene 1: Siegals' Kitchen. Scene 2: Nook of Alfie's Den. Scene 3: Bachelor Dinner. Scene 4: Nook of Alfie's Den. Scene 5: Corridor at Country Club. Scene 6: In Front of Traveller. Scene 7: Nook of Alfie's Den. Scene 8: Corridor at Country Club. Scene 9: The Wedding. INSTRUMENTATION •cello •guitar banjo, guitar •harp •horn •bass •percussion - bells, cowbell, triangle, tympani, vibraphone, wood block, xylophone •reed 1 - alto saxophone, bb clarinet, eb clarinet, flute, piccolo •reed 2 - alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, piccolo •reed 3 - clarinet, English horn, oboe, tenor saxophone •reed 4 - bb clarinet, bass clarinet, bass saxophone, bassoon, flute •trombone •trumpet 1 & 2 •trumpet 3 •violin a-b PERIOD AND COSTUME: The present: suits, dresses, casual clothes, bathrobes, bridal fashions, gym suits, ridiculous cook-out aprons, frivolous clothes of affluent suburbia, uniforms for Country Club staff, sleazy evening dresses, wedding ensembles for all. DISCOGRAPHY: OCR - United Artists 5099