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CAST: The Students - 5 men, 5 women, 8 chorus (expandable); The Teachers - 2 men, 2 woman The Actors: Serena Katz Nick Piazza Joe (Jose) Vegas The Musicians Schlomo Metzenbaum Grace Lamb (Lambchops) Goodman King (Goody) The Dancers Carmen Diaz Tyrone Jackson Iris Kelly Mabel Washington The Teachers Miss Sherman (English) Miss Bell (Dance) Mr Sheinkopf (Music) Mr Myuers (Drama) CHARACTER BREAKDOWN • Carmen Diaz - A sexy and confident, but cocky, dancer with a big ego. Carmen is determined to make it big and is obsessed with the idea of fame, nearly to a fault. - Female, 15-20 yrs old ( Range: A3 - F5) • Ensemble - STUDENTS • Goodman King - A musician who is in Schlomo's band. He is believed to be Schlomo's best friend. - Male, 15-20 yrs old ( Range: F3 - G#4) • Grace Lamb (Lambchops) - loud, confrontational rock chick and tomboy who plays the drums for Schlomo's band. She often loses her temper and it is implied that she does not take school seriously. - Female, 15-20 yrs old ( Range: A3 - B4) • Iris Kelly - A very talented, graceful ballet dancer who often comes across as snobbish and mean because of her insecurities with herself. She shares a difficult relationship with Tyrone. Female, 15-20 yrs old ( Range: D4 - F5) • Joe Vegas - An acting student. Loud, funny, and comical. He develops a crush on Carmen. - Male, 1520 yrs old ( Range: C3 - C5) • Mabel Washington - A loud and overweight dancer and singer who is desperate to shed the pounds but can't resist food. Often speaks her mind and gives out advice to others in their times of trouble. - Female, 15-20 yrs old ( Range: D4 - E5) • Miss Esther Sherman - A strict, old-fashioned English teacher who loves her students despite the fact that she comes down hard on them. - Female, 30-50 yrs old ( Range: F3 - E5) • Miss Greta Bell - A dance teacher with a passion for different styles of dance. Believes that dance is a way of life and is very protective of her students. - Female, 35-50 yrs old ( Range: A3 - E5) • Mr. Myers - A laid back drama teacher with an obsession for human psychology. - Male, 35-50 yrs old (Speaking Role) • Mr. Sheinkopf - European Music tutor with a love for classical music and dislike for all things rock and roll. - • Male, 35-50 yrs old (Speaking Role) • Nick Piazza - Ambitious, enthusiastic, classical actor who is very serious about his craft. He holds a hidden romantic interest for Serena. - Male, 15-20 yrs old (Range: A2 - G4) • Schlomo Metzenbaum - A classical violinist who starts a rock band. He is fed up from the strain of his famous violinist father's expectations. He is very wise and academically clever. - Male, 15-20 yrs old (Range: C3 - F4) • Serena Katz - A shy and timid, yet keen and enthusiastic actress. She is attracted to Nick. - Female, 1520 yrs old (Range: G#3 - Eb5) • Tyrone Jackson* - A talented but dyslexic hip hop dancer who comes from a poor background. Shares a difficult relationship with Iris. - Male, 15-20 yrs old (Range: D3 - Bb4) *Alternate casting: JACK ZAKOWSKI - Headstrong, able, dancer. A functional illiterate from a poor background and Russian immigrant student from Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. Male, 15-20 yrs old