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FAME - THE MUSICAL Music by Steven Margoshes, lyrics by Jacques Levy, book by José Fernandez. : Based on a concept by David DeSilva. Title song by Dean Pitchford & Michael Gore. Cambridge Theatre London - 7th June 1995 – 28th September 1996 Victoria Palace Theatre, London - 11th November 1997 – 17th January 1998 Prince of Wales Theatre, London - 15th October 1998 – 16th January 1999 Victoria Palace Theatre, London - 3rd October 2000 – 9 September 2001 Aldwych Theatre, London - 20th September 2001 – 31 August 2002 Little Shubert Theatre, Off-Broadway 7th October 7, 2003 (previews), 11th November, 2003 (official), to 27th June, 2004 (264 perfs and 40 previews) Shaftesbury Theatre, London - 8 May 2007 – 1 September 2007 SYNOPSIS This new stage version of the film and TV series follows some students at New Yorks School of the Performing Arts through their four year course. We see them coming to terms with life and relationships; we see those who persevere, who are resilient - and those who are not. Above all, we see them perceiving the need to strive for excellence. The cast must be ethnically mixed and be able to perform classical to 'rap music and dance going from ballet through modem to hip-hop - as contemporary as MTV, but live and kicking! STORY ACT ONE A group of vibrant, energetic young people, African-American, white, Hispanic, rich and poor alike, converge on 46th Street to audition for the chance to study at the famous New York High School of Performing Arts. Praying they make "P.A.", the students tear open a letter from the school, learn of their acceptance and begin a joyous dance of celebration. On the first day of school, the freshman meet Miss Sherman, their English teacher, who warns them that it takes a lot more than dreams to succeed at "P.A." The students, with a mixture of excitement, trepidation and raw energy, acknowledge that what it really takes to succeed is hard work. Drama Class. Nick and Serena rehearse a scene and discuss their life experiences. Nick's goal in life is to move people emotionally. Mr. Myers, the drama teacher asks his students to recall how a physical sensation can trigger an emotional response. Joe, a funny, uninhibited young man, graphically recounts the very personal reactions that occur whenever he thinks of a certain beautiful girl in dance class. Dance Class. Tyrone, a sexy, streetwise African-American, is partnered with Iris, a very wealthy, classicallytrained dancer. Iris obnoxiously derides Tyrone's lack of classical dance experience. Tyrone, enraged at her comments, begins a rap which expresses his anger. Iris apologizes and, unexpectedly, kisses him passionately. While Nick and Serena rehearse another scene, she tells him of her yearning to try something romantic and passionate. It becomes obvious Serena is in love with Nick. Nick, concerned only with acting, becomes upset and leaves. Heartbroken, Serena laments her unrequited love. At lunch, Carmen, a self-assured, cocky Latina spitfire, dreams of seeing her name in lights and people gasping as she walks down the street. The other students join in her fantasy and begin an exciting, electrifying dance.