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makes Jason want to just call the whole thing off (“Round Tables, Square Tables”). It is up to Mendel to console the boy, telling him that “Everyone Hates His Parents” at his age, but everyone also gets past it and moves on to hate them less. Marvin sits in bed one morning, looking at the sleeping Whizzer, wondering at how much he loves him (“What More Can I Say?”). Dr. Charlotte, meanwhile, has started to become aware that “Something Bad is Happening” among young gay men in the city, who arrive at the hospital sick with a mysterious illness that no one seems to know anything about. Rumors are spreading, but the disease is spreading faster. Then Whizzer collapses during a game of racquetball (“More Racquetball”). As Whizzer enters the hospital with a disease that the audience immediately knows to be AIDS, Trina begins to see her world fall apart around her as someone she shouldn’t care about but does anyway is clearly sick. She is barely “Holding to the Ground” and this blow to her family may just be too hard to handle. In Whizzer’s hospital room, the entire cast gathers to cheer him up, everyone commenting on how good he looks. Marvin provides love, Cordelia chicken soup and Mendel some terrible jokes. Everyone agrees that it’s “Days Like This” that make these secular Jews believe in God. Only Jason, in childish honesty, is able to tell Whizzer the truth: that he looks awful. Mendel and Trina sit Jason down and give Jason the option of “Canceling the Bar Mitzvah” if he feels he can’t go through with it, and Jason is finally told that Whizzer may not recover. Marvin sits in Whizzer’s hospital room, soon joined by the Lesbians, and the four “Unlikely Lovers” wonder how much longer their love can last. As Whizzer’s condition worsens, Jason turns to God, asking him to let Whizzer get better (“Another Miracle of Judaism”); he’ll even get bar mitzvahed if Whizzer gets better. But it’s to no avail, because, as Dr. Charlotte reiterates, “Something Bad is Happening” to Whizzer (“Something Bad Is Happening (reprise)”). He is soon deathly ill, and he steels himself to meet his maker, reflecting bravely that “You Gotta Die Sometime.” Suddenly everyone bursts into the hospital room. Jason has had an epiphany: he wants to hold his bar mitzvah in Whizzer’s hospital room so he can be there (“Jason’s Bar Mitzvah”). Trina couldn’t be prouder, and everyone, for some reason, can only think how much Jason looks like Marvin. Jason is bar mitzvahed, entering Adulthood as Whizzer begins to leave his, for Whizzer can suddenly take no more, and is taken out of the room. Marvin is left alone. He sits and reflects on his relationship with Whizzer (“What Would I Do?”). Whizzer appears, dressed as we first saw him, and the two sing together one last time, and then Whizzer is gone. Marvin is comforted by his family, now short a member, as Mendel bids us goodnight from the crazy, sad world known as “Falsettoland.” MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Falsettoloand - Company 2. About Time - Marvin 3. Year of the Child - Dr. Charlotte, Cordelia, Marvin, Trina, Mendel & Jason 4. Miracle of Judaism - Jason 5. Thwe Baseball Game - Everybody 6. A Day in Falsetoland - Everybody 7. Round Tables, Square Tables - Jason, Trina, Mendel & Marvin 8. Everybody Hates His Parents - Mendel & Jason 9. What More Can I Say - Marvin 10. Something Bad is Happening - Dr. Charlotte & Cordelia 11. More Racquetball - Marvin & Whizzer