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CHARACTERS • DIONYSOS - The god of drama and god of wine - not necessarily in that order. • XANTHIAS - Barefoot but loyal, gross but devoted slave to Dionysos. His name means "yellow" in Corinthian. • CHARON - Boatman on the River Styx, ferrying first-class passengers only non-stop to Hades. • HERAKLES - Strangler of the Nemean Lion, cleaner of Augean stables and ferocious half-brother to Dionysos. • AEAKOS - Very old, mostly blind and slightly deaf keeper of keys to the palace of Pluto. • CHARISMA - An impressionable young handmaiden to Persephone. • VIRILLA - Handmaiden and good friend to Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons. • PLUTO - Son of Kronos, Lord of the Lower Regions, ruler of the dead and a big, jolly bon vivant. • HIEROPHANTES - Leader of the Dionysians. • GEORGE BERNARD SHAW - A small, wiry, bearded dramatist who speaks at breakneck speed. • WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Also a dramatist, in his forties but with a youthful, easygoing air. • ATTENDANTS OF PLUTO - Flag bearers and guards. • A REVEL OF DIONYSIANS - Followers of the god of wine. • A SPLASH OF FROGS ORCHESTRATION Details REED I - Piccolo, Flute REED II - Oboe, Cor Anglais REED III - Bassoon REED IV - Bassoon HORN 2 TRUMPETS 2 TROMBONES PERCUSSION HARP (opt.) PIANO BASS DISCOGRAPHY The Frogs with Evening Primrose - World Premier Recording Nonesuch 79638-2 The Frogs (2004 Broadway Cast)