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family. There is a huge reward for her capture. Rit is in the big house when she comes and Ben insists they are too old to go. Harriet takes the boys though. No sooner does she leave when a guard comes and hauls Ben off to prison. The master is dead and they are all sure when Harriet hears that her pa is in prison that she will come for him and they can catch her. Rit prays that Harriet would return and in one of her spells, Harriet hears her.("Good News") She leaves the boys hiding and goes back home. Rit had prepared a huge Christmas feast for her and Ben. Harriet has her bring all the food and liquor to the guard at the prison. She feeds him and gets him drunk while Harriet rescues Ben, and then brings Ben and Rit to where the boys are hiding. ("Get on Board") In all her time on the Underground Railroad, Harriet led more than 300 slaves to freedom, never getting lost once or losing one single slave. CAST: - 5+ male, 2+ female Alfred Ben (doubles): David (doubles): Guard Guard ii Harriet Jacob John Bowley John Tubman's voice Mary Bowley Master Broda (doubles): Mr. Cook Overseer (doubles:) Patrol Guard Patroller Rit (doubles): Sam Senator Thomas Garrett Voice i Voice ii Voice iii Voice iv William Henry (doubles): William Still MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Drinkin' Gourd - Moses 2. Medley - Company 3. Mary Had A Li'l Baby - Rit 4. No Hidin' Place Down There - Company 5. Steal Away - Ben 6. Hush, Hush - Rit, Harriet, Man 7. Wade In The Water - Company 8. Ad-Lib Blues - Rit 9. Good News - Rit 10. Lovely Ben - Rit, Drunken Guard 11. Finale: Freedom Train - Company INSTRUMENTATION: Tape accompaniment only - no piano available All material on hire only