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Six inferior intellects, minions of the unparalleled Quiller Ferrett Padlock Dodge Weasel Sherlock Lovecraft Governor of Corsica Antonio Purloino Garabaldi Filcho La Colomba, Paganino's sister, who helps in the vendetta business Daphne, Abel Gudgeon's daughter Polly Prime, barmaid at the sailor's tavern, "The Jolly Dolphin," Portsmouth Belladonna, the original cause of the vendetta, now the leading sorceress of Corsica, doing a fine trade in spells, horoscopes, love philters, etc. Marjorie, Daphne's maid Mrs. Plumduff, bum-boat woman Serpentina, a snake charmer Forrest Leona, a tight-rope dancer Longina, a giantess SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: Dock Yards, Portsmouth, England. 1825. Act 2: Sea Coast, Corsica. Act 3: Castle and Fortress, Residence of the Governor of Corsica.