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FOUR TO THE BAR Revue devised by Charles Ross, featuring material by Bryan Blackburn, Vivian Ellis, Rose Hill, H. Hughes, Madeleine Dring and Geoffrey Rand. Arts Theatre, London - 14 December 1961 The CAST: Bryan Blackburn, Rose Hill, Peter Reeves, Ian Wallace : Musical Director : Anthony Bowles: The PROGRAMME 1. Ian Wallace - “Long Ago in Alcala” Words by F.W. Weatherley and Adrian Ross, Music by André Messager “Stock Exchange Art” Words and Music by Vivian Ellis “Serenade” from Don Giovanni - Mozart “Uproarious Devon” Words and MUsic by Vivian Ellis 2. Bryan Blackburn and Peter Reeves Written by Bryan Blackburn 3. She Moved through the Fair - Irish Traditional Loganberry Fair - Words by Eric Corner and John Simmons, Music by Eric Corner 4. Rich Clifford and His Shudders INTERVAL 5. Rose Hill “Will o’ the Wisp” Words by A.S. Music by Silbert Spross “Deirdre - Words by Madeleine Dring 6. Commercials - Music by Joseph Horowitz, Words by Alistair Samson 7. “Strike” - Words by Bryan Blackburn, Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 by Listz 8. “When a Woman Smiles” - Words and Music by Vivian Ellis 9. “Lichee Fair” - Words by Bryan Blackburn “Good-bye” by Robert Stoltz The Behan Brothers - by Bryan Blackburn 10 Blocking the Bung by Rose Hill and Geoffrey Rand 11. Anthony Bowles at the Piano 12 The Wallace Safari The Wart Hog - Words by Michael Flanders, Music by Donald Swann Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud - ords by Michael Flanders, Music by Donald Swann The Finale - Written by Bryan Blackburn