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deceiving him with other lovers, refuses point blank. The Three Musketeers persuade d'Artagnan to challenge Gastein to a duel. Their plan is to steal the jewel for themselves while d'Artagnan and Gastein are out fighting. Milady, sent by the Cardinal to frustrate d'Artagnan's plans, is also in Baden-Baden. She goes to Gastein's room and steals the jewel but is caught red-handed by Gastein. In a struggle she knocks him unconscious with a candle-stick. D'Artagnan marches in just as Gastein passes out, with the Queen's jewel clutched in his hand. Milady emerges from hiding and sets about seducing d'Artagnan, while trying to get the jewel off him. Constance arrives, sent by the Queen to warn Gastein about Milady. She catches d'Artagnan in a compromising situation with Milady, who, unknown to d'Artagnan, escapes with the jewel. Constance is broken-hearted. Vainly d'Artagnan tries to explain that everything he was doing was really for Constance. Inside Programme Constance walks out on him. The Three Musketeers arrive and are disconcerted to find d'Artagnan there. He says he has the jewel but has lost Constance. They discover that the jewel has gone and instantly realise that Milady has it. They chase after her. D'Artagnan also discovers that the jewel has disappeared. He suspects the Three Musketeers and, furious, goes after them. The Three Musketeers catch up with Milady at the Café de la Paix. Here they decide to go into partnership with the money that the Cardinal will pay Milady for bringing him the jewel. D'Artagnan. arrives, bent on revenge, challenges the Three Musketeers to a fight to the death. They choose pistols. D'Artagnan's gun accidentally wounds someone in the café. A fight ensues in which everyone present is killed or laid low. D'Artagnan, who has been knocked unconscious, wakes to find himself surrounded by corpses. Of Milady and the Three Musketeers there is no sign — but, by luck, he finds the jewel which Milady must have dropped. He has succeeded! At last he will be a hero! The royal barge is launched. Milady warns the Cardinal that d'Artagnan may have the jewel. At all costs he must be prevented from coming aboard. But d'Artagnan, now a new and more forceful character, arrives in the nick of time, sweeps the Cardinal's defences aside and safely delivers the jewel to the Queen. As a reward d'Artagnan is allowed to choose any honour he cares to name. He asks only to be released from the Musketeers. He just wants to go home. Constance, who has now learned her lesson, says she will come with him. Constance and d'Artagnan get into the royal dinghy and row away from court intrigue to a simple, country life. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture (Orchestra) 2. A little bit of glory (D'Artagnan) 3. Think big (Constance and Chorus) 4. What love can do (D'Artagnan and Constance) 5. There's a new face in the old town (Milady and Chorus) 6. Got a lot of love to give (Milady and Chorus) 7. If you are looking for a man (D'Artagnan, Porthos, Athos and Aramis) 8. Masquerade (D'Artagnan and Chorus) 9. Give me a man's life (D'Artagnan and Chorus) 10. Baden-Baden (Orchestra and Chorus) 11. Strike while the iron is hot (Milady) 12. I was only doing it for you (D'Artagnan and Constance) 13. Cherchez la femme (Milady and Chorus) 14. Nobody's changing places with me (King Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu) 15. If you are looking for a girl (Constance) 16. There comes a time (D'Artagnan) 17. What love can do (reprise) (D'Artagnan, Constance and Chorus) 18. A little bit of glory (reprise) (D'Artagnan, Constance and Chorus)