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the world and to America. They may not be the famous astronauts, but without them nothing would happen. Jenny and her Dad eat frozen TV dinners as they watch a special on space travel. The astronauts talk about the food they eat in space. It is 1967 and three astronauts are aboard Apollo. There is a fire in the cockpit and all three astronauts die. This is a major tragedy for America and a huge setback in the space program. The work continues though and the people keep dreaming of walking on the moon. The scene is now back where it began. A morning in 1969 as the world watches Apollo 11 launch on its now famous journey to the moon. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Up There - Company 2. Countdown I - General/Speaker/Prez/Science Advisor 3. Seeing Red - Americans 4. America's First Astronaut - Doc/Reporter/Ham 5. Countdown II - Company 6. Dear John Glenn - Company 7. Neil Monologue - Neil Armstrong 8. Ten Billion Dollars - Company 9. Floating - Ed White 10. Maybe I'm Not Famous - Three Workers/Technicians 11. Space Food Waltz - Astronaut 1 & 2 12. Countdown III - Company 13. Countdown IV - Company 14. 3,2,1 Blast Off - Company CAST: (May be expanded) 4 men, 1 woman, chorus • Doc - A lab technician responsible for sending chimps and humans into space. Joyful and chipper, but fails to think before he speaks. - Gender: male - Age: 30 to 40 - Vocal range top: F4 / Bb2 • Ed White -An astronaut who becomes the first man to walk in space. Excited and giddy, he becomes obsessed with the feeling of outer-space. He is tragically killed in a cockpit fire. - Gender: male - Age: 30 to 40 - Vocal range top: F#4 / D3 • Ivan - A gloating Russian cosmonaut. Very cocky about his country’s dominance of the space race. • Gender: male - Age: 25 to 45 - Vocal range top: E4 - / B2 • Jenny - A young woman who appears as a little girl mesmerized by the mystery of space and becomes obsessed with John Glenn. - Gender: female - Age: 18 to 25 - Vocal range top: D5 - / A3 • John Glenn - The first man to orbit the Earth. Poetic and idealistic, yet courageous and to the point. He takes is not afraid to resolve problems and issues. - Gender: male - Age: 35 to 45 - Vocal range top: D4 - / Bb2 • Neil Armstrong - The first man to walk on the moon. An excited young man who is not initially not deterred by difficult training, the voices in his head make him more apprehensive of his situation. - Gender: male - Age: 25 to 35 - Vocal range top: D#4 - / F#3 • Ensemble - Astronauts; Lovers; White House Cabinet (Frank, General, Speaker, Prez, Science Advisor); Technicians And Workers; Americans INSTRUMENTATION: Tape accompaniment - no piano available