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The action takes place in a woodland glade, during a fashionable Edwardian shooting party, the first given by Lord de Fontenoy since his marriage to the lovely Connie Winsome, late of Musical Comedy. After an opening dance of pheasants, Lady de Fontenoy enters, soon followed by her admirer, Lord Charles Canterbury, who performs a dance for her pleasure, but they are interrupted by the rest of the party, who march round, firing in the air, and then dance off to luncheon. Lord Charles lingers, fires at another bird, and accidentally wounds Lady de Fontenoy. Dragging herself on to the stage, she dies in his arms, to the intense interest of the other guests. The Scene and dresses designed by CECIL BEATON: The dresses executed by Madame Karinsky Scene 20. A BRAND NEW SUIT (Lyric by HOWARD DIETZ) JENI LE GON Jeni Le Gon's suit designed by ADA PEACOCK: Executed by Morris Angel & Son, Ltd. Scene 21. THE VOICE THAT IS STILL (RONALD JEANS) The Doctor - KENNETH WARE The Father - LANCE LISTER The Daughter - IRIS MARCH The Son - WALLACE DOUGLAS Fotheringay - RALPH ROBERTS The Mother - BETTY SHALE Scene 22. DANGEROUS YOU (Lyric by DESMOND CARTER) The Singer - LANCE FAIRFAX The Girl - CLAIRE LUCE The Poet - PHILLIP MORGAN The Man About Town - PHILIP MORGAN The Tough - STANLEY HAIG-BROWN The Soldier - W. LAWSON McLAREN Claire Lute's dress by Reville, Ltd. Scene 23. VIC OLIVER Scene 24. SLEIGH BELLS (Lyric by HOWARD DIETZ) (A) Hyde Park (1936) (B) Exterior of an Ale-house (1845) (C) Finale ... ... ... ... THE FULL COMPANY Costumes designed by ERNST STERN; Executed by B. J. Simmons & Co., Ltd. Madeline Gibson's costume by Reville, Ltd.