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Ben and Phyllis promise each other that You're Gonna Love Tomorrow, and for young Sally and Buddy, nothing is so certain but that Love Will See Us Through. Afterwards, though, Buddy's The-God-Why-Don'tYou-Love-Me-Blues begin to get him down, as he scuttles frantically between mistress and wife, while poor miserable Sally moans in a smouldering torch number that she's Losing My Mind. Phyllis raunchily sings The Story of Lucy and Jessie (Lucy being Phyllis and Jessie being Sally), telling us that if only juicy but drab Lucy and dressy but cold Jessie could only combine then I could tell you someone who would finally feel just fine." Lastly Ben takes the stage with Live, Love, Laugh, singing of how clever and adept he is at everything - but his song gradually starts to go wrong. He forget his lines, the tune, the dance steps and finally, in his mind, all the past evening's traumatic experiences are regurgitated in one terrifying mass. Panic-stricken, he rushes off, screaming out his wife's name and we return sharply to reality. Having exorcised the ghosts of their pasts the two couples depart Dimitri Weismann's reunion; they'll have to find out whether anything's really changed in their lives. They've come a long way from those days waiting around for the girls upstairs, but they're still here. CHARACTERS • BENJAMIN STONE - A big man on Wall Street, with a chic Manhattan wife, no children but everything else. • YOUNG BEN - Ben thirty years earlier, in 1940, when he was dating a Follies girl. • PHYLLIS ROGERS STONE - Ben's 50-year old society wife, smart, tart, vicious and sleek. • YOUNG PHYLLIS - A showgirl in the chorus of the final edition of the Weismann Follies. • BUDDY PLUMMER - Ben's pal, now a prosperous realtor in Arizona, with wife, kids - and a mistress. • YOUNG BUDDY - The eager young beau of a Follies chorine. • SALLY DURANT PLUMMER - Buddy's well-to-do wife, still gushy and girlish despite the routine of married life. • YOUNG SALLY - A Follies chorine, 20 years old in 1940, and caught between Buddy and his pal, Ben. • CARLOTTA CAMPION - A resilient motion picture star, once a vamp, then reduced to mother r6Ies, but still hanging in there. • STELLA DEEMS - Another veteran of the final Follies. • YOUNG STELLA - The singer and dancer as she was in 1940. • HEIDI SCHILLER - A 90-year old Broadway legend, whose ringing soprano inspired the operetta kings to produce their lushest waltzes. • YOUNG HEIDI - The celebrated soprano in her heyday. • HATTIE WALKER - After all these years, still a Broadway Baby. • EMILY WHITMAN - The female half of a cheerful song and dance team. • THEODORE WHITMAN - Emily's husband. • SOLANGE LAFITTE - A Broadway Parisienne. • ROSCOE - The Follies' famous tenor whose golden tones saluted Mr. Weismann's exquisite taste in feminine pulchritude. • DIMITRI WEISMANN - An impresario who flourished between the wars and whose name became a byword for style and opulence. • KEVIN - A easily-seduceable waiter. OTHER GUESTS and PERFORMERS, STAGE MANAGER, WAITERS, WAITRESSES, PHOTOGRAPHERS, SHOWGIRLS, etc. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue – Orchestra 2. Overture – Orchestra 3. Beautiful Girls – Roscoe and Company 4. Don’t Look at Me – Sally and Ben