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THE FOLLIES Music and lyrics - various composers. Devised by Harry G. Pelissier Apollo Theatre, London - 30 August 1910. a revival of the show presented in the same theatre 1 Decmber, 1908 CAST: included Ethel Allandale, Effie Cook, Dan Everard, Muriel George, Morris Harvey, Douglas McLaren, Gwennie Mars, Harry G. Pelissier, Lewis Sydney PROGRAMME included I Worship the Ground Down By the Wongaroo Li-t-ti That Makes My Dream Come True Stop You Tickling, Jock Put Me Amongst the Girls Mother's Maxim In My Garden of Roses My Moon Echoes Ypsilanti Yes, I Don't Think A Few Stones Teddy Bear The Bustler of Bath or The Crash Without Reason Piano accompaniment: Harry G. Pelissier