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FOLIES BERGÈRE REVUE 1951 London Hippodrome - 6 March, 1951 The success of the 1950 edition of the Folies Bergère Revue was repeated in this colourful show which was staged and adapted for London by Dick Hurran. Joan Davis arranged the dances and ensembles. A full quota of elaborate scenes contributed to the spectacle gaining high praise for original costumes and scenery designs of Michel Gyarmarthy. Cages très Parisienne, Ca va-ca va and Symphonie were among the most maginifiucent. Orchestra was directed by Harold Collins The CAST included Lilo, Igor Barczinski, Gordan Needham, Silver and Rosel, Menya Marah, Annette Chappell, Naida, Warren, Latona and Sparks, The Balladinis, Tommy Cooper, Rex Ramer, Rolly and Array, Renald and Rudy. The Orchestra under the direction of Harold Collins. PROGRAMME 1. Le Régiment des Folies Bergère Lilo, Menya Marah, Annette Chappell, Les Modeles, Les Danseuses. Les Nus 2. Rendezous au Café (a) Medamoiselle de Paris Lilo, Gordon Needham, Igor Barczinski & Vocal Ensemble (b) Incident à Montmartre The Girl - Maisie Sparks The Sailor - Joe Latona The Stranger - Leslie Warren 3. Cage très Parisienne (a) AmericoSilver and Rosel, Menya Marah, Les Danseuses, Les Nus 4. Freddie Bamberger (Jest artiste) 5. A l’Opéra - The Occasion being the Premiere oof Verdi’s “La Traviata” at the Opera Italien, Paris in 1870 (a) The foyer after the performance (b) The Reception The Prima Donna - Naida Verdi - Gordon Needham Alexandre Dumas Jnr - Francis John Duval - Frederic Greene Ladies of Stae, Soldiers 6. Hall, Norman and Ladd - Musicians at Large 7. Harème Les Nus 8. Tommy Cooper - Almost a Magician 9. Ca Va - Ca Va Lilo, Murio & Manè. Les Danseuses, Les Modèles, Les Nus