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Original Cast - CAST (in order of appearance): • Jimmy: Stephen Bolster. • Pushcart Vendor: Dick Ensslen. • Old Clothes Man: Cyril Murkin. • Kathy McKenna: Donna McKechnie. • Sam Pinsky: Nathaniel Frey. • Reuben Plonsky: David Gold. • Giovanni Pastora: Dick Latessa. • Mrs. Moskowitz: Honey Sanders. • Sarah Moskowitz: Susan Camber. • Mr. Parkhill: Gary Krwaford. • Fanny Gidwitz: Maggie Task. • Rose Mitnick: Barbara Minkus. • Hyman Kaplan: Tom Bosley. • Eileen Higby: Dorothy Emmerson. • Marie Vitale: Beryl Towbin. • Mrs. Mitnick: Mimi Sloan. • Officer Callahan: Wally Engelhardt. • Yissel Fishbein: Hal Linden. • Guard: David Ellin. • Judge Mahon: Rufus Smith. Dancers: Pamlea Barlow, Mickie Bier, Susan Camber, Joanne DiVito, Andrea Duda, Lee Lund, Kuniko Narai, Eileen Woliner, Takeshi Hamagaki, Yanco Inone, Pat Matera, Barry Preston, George Ramos, Steven Ross. Singers: Alice Cannon, Martha Danielle, Trudy Wallace, Edward Becker, David Ellin, Jack Fletcher. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Strange New World - Mr Parkhill 2. OOOO-EEEE - Hyman Kaplan, Rose Mitnick, Mr Parkhill, Students 3. A Dedicated Teacher (Teachers on Parade) - Eileen Higby, Marie Vitale, Mr Parkhill 4. Lieben Dich - Hyman Kaplan 5. Loving You - Rose Mitnick 6. The Day I Met Your Father - Mrs Mitnick 7. Anything Is Possible - Hyman Kaplan, Students, Dancers, Singers 8. Spring in the City - Kathy McKenna, Giovanni Pastora, Reuben Plonsky, Sam Pinsky, Mrs Moskowitz, Fanny Gidwitz, Dancers, Singers 9. Old Fashioned Husband - Yissel Fishbein 10. Julius Caesar (Shakespeare) - Hyman Kaplan 11. I Never Felt Better in My Life - Hyman Kaplan, Dancers, Singers 12. When Will I Learn - Rose Mitnick 13. All American - Sam Pinsky, Students SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in New York City, the Lower East Side, from 1919-1920. Act I Scene 1: A Street on the Lower East Side. Scene 2: Mr. Parkhill's Classroom. Scene 3: leachers' Room. Scene 4: Mr. Parkhill's Classroom. Scene 5: Rose Mitnick's Apartment. Scene 6: A Street. Scene 7: Mr. Parkhill's Classroom. Scene 8: A Street. Act 2 Scene 1: Kaplan's Flat. Scene 2: Mr. Parkhill's Classroom. Scene 3: Ellis Island Deportation Room. Scene 4: Judge Mahon's Chambers. Scene 5: Hyman Kaplan's Shop. Scene 6: Street in front of the School. Scene 7: A U.S. Courtroom.