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questions whether he was right to persuade everyone to stay. Marshal] is moved by Mompesson's pain and tells him how much the village needs him. He carries Mompesson into the street. The villagers have all gathered to present Mompesson with a makeshift cross for Katherine's grave. It is the first time they have offered Mompesson anything. He is deeply moved by their gesture and finds the strength to carry on. They all leave together to put the cross by Katherine's burial site. Billy, alone, reflects on how everything has changed - some things for the better (Day Went By). Mompesson, Rowland, Woodman, Sarah and Matthew join him and we see that as the weeks pass there are no deaths. At the end of the song Mompesson announces that the plague is over. As everyone begins to celebrate, Matthew suggests that they begin work on a new Well Dressing, the first for two years. While the Well Dressing board is being prepared, Matthew and Sarah think of Emmot and what she would have said about the day. Their conversation becomes more intimate and they finally embrace (You Wait). It is indeed a time for new beginnings. Marshall interrupts them and they all get on with the new Well Dressing (The Story of the Plague). However, because so many of the village have died there are not enough people to do the work. So Matthew invites the children to help and teaches them how to do the different jobs (Child's Play). As the children become more confident the adults stand back and watch the children, the future of Eyam, carry on the village's oldest tradition: dressing the wells. INSTRUMENTATION Flute db. Piccolo db. Soprano Saxophone Trumpet db. Flugel Horn Horn Percussion (1 player): Drum Kit, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Tam Tam, Tubular Bells, Latin Percussion Piano db. Synthesiser Classical Guitar db. Electric Guitar Violin Viola Double Bass db. Bass Guitar CHARACTERS • WILLIAM MOMPESSON The Rector of Eyam. late 20s. Heroic tenor (to top C). • KATHERINE MOMPESSON Mompesson's wife. Mid 20s. Dramatic soprano. • MATTHEWMORTIN A village leader. Mid 30s. Lyric baritone. • SARAH HALKSWORTH A weaver. Late 20s. Character mezzo. • MARSHALL HOWE A miner. Early 40s. Bass-baritone (to low F). • JOAN HOWE Marshall's wife. Late 30s. Rock alto (to top E). • BILLY HOWE Son of Joan and Marshall. 10/13. Treble, breaking voice. • EMMOT SYDALL Engaged to Rowland. Late teens. Soubrette. • ROWLAND TORRE Engaged to Emmot. Early 20s. Lyric (rock) tenor. • WOODMAN An itinerant wheeler-dealer. Rock tenor (to top A). • GEORGE BUCKLAND A travelling tailor. Buffo baritone. • THE CHORUS Villagers of Eyam. Eight named (Angela, Mary, Christine, Jenny, • Peter, Thomas, James and Stuart). SATB. • THE CHILDREN Children of Eyam. Seven named (Joseph, Alice, Anne, Ben and Humphrey - who's the youngest - are from Eyam. Ruth and • Adam are the children of William and Katherine Mompesson). Non-singing.