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delighted. Until she discovers where the new Parish is . . . We meet the villagers of Eyam (In Eyam). They are all working together on a Well Dressing - an annual thanksgiving ceremony to celebrate the village well. They are busy pressing petals into clay (spread thinly over a large board) to create a mosaic. The picture is of Christ in the Wilderness (Dressing the Wells). During the work a travelling tailor, George Buckland, arrives and begins to measure everyone up to make them clothes. Emmot is particularly pleased to see him as she wants a wedding dress for her forthcoming marriage to Rowland, a miller's son from the neighbouring village, Stoney Middleton. William and Katherine Mompesson arrive and, although unfamiliar with the tradition, offer to help with the Well Dressing. The villagers are suspicious and hostile. William wonders what it will take for him to be accepted by the village. When the Well Dressing is finished it looks magnificent. Rowland arrives at the last minute, is less than enthusiastic about the results of their work and, much to Emmot's alarm, is thrown in the village pond. George Buckland is making the clothes for everyone (Moth Song). The cloth has been sent from London and he is marking, tacking, cutting and sewing. Emmot arrives and is thrilled by her wedding dress. loan Howe and her son Billy arrive to see their cloth. Joan is pleased with hers but Billy is awkward and sulky. Sarah and Katherine then arrive. Katherine has ordered velvet, much to the envy and disapproval of the other women. The proceedings are constantly interrupted by the presence of a moth that has arrived in the trunk of material. George is very embarrassed by this and everyone else is unimpressed. They all leave telling him to kill it. Alone at last George carries on with his work. However, he is becoming very tired. He begins to shake. He becomes weaker. He is racked with pain. We watch him die. His body is discovered by Billy. Mompesson examines the body and tells the village that George has died of the plague. The village is stunned (Plague). Marshall, despite Joan's protestations, volunteers to help Mompesson bury the body. We learn that several more people have died in the few days since George's death (Tired of Waiting). Rowland arrives from Stoney Middleton to see Emmot. He has heard about the plague and is very worried about her. She tells him that he should not have come and adds that until it is over he must not come to Eyam again. But he refuses and in the end they agree to meet every Sunday on the moor between Eyam and Stoney Middleton (Promise Me). Some of the villagers are quietly drinking at the inn. Marshal] arrives and people move away from him because they know that he is burying the corpses and are afraid of catching the plague. Marshall is angry and a fight begins. However, Woodman intervenes and tells them they are fighting the wrong man. He says that it is Mompesson that has brought the plague to Eyam and that if they are to survive they should all leave (There's a Man). The people are very torn about whether to go or stay. The community is beginning to fragment. Joan is very anxious to get Billy out of danger but Marshall, much as he despises Mompesson, is reluctant to go. Mompesson is in the Church, trying to prepare a sermon. Emmot arrives and tells him that she has told Rowland that everything will be alright, but she wants to know if it really will (Did I Tell a Lie?). Mompesson is unable to reassure her and she leaves. Mompesson breaks down, fighting to understand why God has allowed this to happen (What Do You Want of Me?). Katherine enters to find him sobbing. She comforts him by saying that if they leave straight away then they and their children will be safe. Mompesson is amazed by her suggestion and refuses to turn his back on Eyam (Leaving?). Katherine is appalled by his determination to stay and says, for the children's sake, that she is going. Meanwhile, Joan and Billy are packing. They are planning to leave straight after the Church service the following morning. The Church service. Mompesson delivers his sermon saying that the village has a moral responsibility to stay within its boundaries, otherwise they will spread the plague throughout Derbyshire. The congregation are very divided. Woodman tries to leave and there is a furious argument (Why Should I Stay?). During the row Billy says that he saw Katherine leaving that morning with her children. Eventually Matthew suggests that they vote and the congregation split (Something in the Air). However, at the height of the confusion Katherine arrives at the church door. She tells them that she got as far as the neighbouring village - "I could