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Of course, this is the moment that Annie, Ed and Jake all walk in the door—to see Ash chainsawing into a girl's head, drenching himself with blood, and officially making the worst first impression of all time! ACT TWO As Ash tries to explain himself, Cheryl pops out of the cellar, delivers a bunch of horrific puns and attacks Ed, turning him into a demon as well. Jake and Annie try to run for it, but when Ash isn't scared, Ed realises he's nothing more than a Bit Part Demon. Of course, before Ed can even finish pontificating, Ash shoots him dead. This is followed by a visit from the ghost of Annie's father, who explains that the only way to dispel this evil is to read from the pages of the Necronomicon that she found. Seeing the ghost of her father hits Annie hard. And just when you're thinking it can't get any worse, Ash turns into a demon as well and drags Jake outside. Annie grabs an ancient dagger and stabs through the door hoping to hit the demon Ash, but instead stabs Jake. In trying to help Jake, Annie lays him down to rest .. but sloppily lays him down beside the cellar door, where Cheryl drags him into the cellar with her. Ash then returns and, in a touch of inconsistency that never gets adequately explained, turns good again. Realising it's time finally to put an end to all this, Annie reads aloud from the pages she found. After she reads the first passage, the demons all come back to life and do a ceremonial ritual to honour the book. Once that is completed, Annie is all set to read the second passage to send the evil back through a rift in time and space ... but before she can finish, Ash's evil hand stabs her with the dagger. Seeing Annie dead, Ash realises it's time to fight these demons on his own, and one by one he kills them all in the most bloody and hilarious methods he can think of. But there's a problem with fighting the dead: they keep coming back to life! And since everyone in Evil Dead comes back to life sometime, Annie too pops up from the dead just in time to finish reading the passage to send the demons back to hell. Unfortunately, after she reads the passage she dies too (this time for good). A couple of days later, Ash, the sole survivor, is at his beloved S-Mart telling his customers the tales of his heroics. But nobody believes that this lowly Housewares Employee could possibly slay demons. Then, just in time to prove them wrong, one of his customers turns into a demon. Everyone freaks out except for Ash, who calmly grabs a gun from the store's inventory and kills her. The customers are in shock but have a newfound respect for Ash because he Blew That Bitch Away. And, as everyone knows, anytime you've blown a bitch away it's a happy ending. CAST - (in order of appearance) Linda Cheryl Shelly Ash Scott Ed Annie Moose Jake Fake Shemp Spirit of Knowby MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Book of the Dead 2. Cabin In the Woods - Ash, Linda, Scott, Shelly, Cheryl 3. Stupid Bitch - Cheryl, Scott 4. Housewares Employee - Ash, Linda 5. Evil Trees - Cheryl, Evil Forces