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EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL Book and Lyrics by George Reinblatt. Music by Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris & George Reinblatt. Based on The Evil Dead series of movies. Opened Off-Broadway at the New English Stages 1st November, 2006. Closed 17th February, 2007 (34 previews, 126 performances) STORY ACT ONE The show opens with five college students driving in their Delta 88 Oldsmobile: Ash, a Housewares Employee at S-Mart; Linda, his girlfriend; Cheryl, his lonely sister; Scott, his horny best friend; and Shelly, the girl Scott picked up drunk at a bar three days ago. In what can only be described as the world's worst planned vacation, the kids are heading into the wilderness to break into an empty Cabin in the Woods. In the cabin the kids are all set for some drunken debauchery, when the cellar door in the middle of the room mysteriously flies open by itself. The boys head down to investigate and discover an ancient book: the Necronomicon, Book of the Dead. They also find and play a tape recorder, which phonetically recites the passages from this Necronomicon (and yes, thisis bound to lead to bad things later). When Ash and Linda find some alone time, they ponder how lucky they are that this perfect girl ended up with a Housewares Employee. As the couples are off fornicating, Cheryl hears a mysterious voice coming from the woods. When she goes outside to check it out ... the trees come to life and attack her! As would be expected after a tree attack, Cheryl runs back to the cabin and demands that Ash take her to a hotel. But when she discovers that the bridge they have to cross has been destroyed, Cheryl tells Ash "lt Won't Let Us Leave." At a nearby airport Annie and her fiancé, Ed (whom she cuts off every time he tries to speak), discuss (onesidedly) how they have found the missing pages of the Necronomicon and how they must bring them to her father, Professor Knowby (who owns the cabin the kids have broken into). Back at the cabin everything is fine until out of nowhere Cheryl turns into a demon. Scared to death, the kids wrestle her into the cellar and chain her in. But just when they think they are safe, Shelly turns into a demon too! Instead of locking her in the cellar, Scott just shoots her. Scott then decides to leave the cabin to find safety. Once Ash is alone, Cheryl, a Moose Head and all of the contents of the cabin come to life and say, "Join Us". Ash refuses to join, but his hand has other ideas. It turns evil and attacks him. And of course there's only one thing to do when your hand attacks you ... cut it off with a chainsaw! Over in the woods Annie and Ed are lost, and in order to find their way to the cabin they enlist the help of an untrustworthy redneck ironically named Good Old Reliable Jake. Back at the cabin all hell is breaking loose. The hand that Ash cut off has come to life. Scott has returned to the cabin, only to die from a tree attack. And as if that wasn't bad enough, Linda has turned into a demon as well. At first Ash can't decide whether Linda is really evil, mainly because she keeps turning from bad to good to bad. But in the end Ash knows that this is not the same girl he fell in love with, and so he ends the relationship the only way he knows how: by chopping off her head with an axe and taking a chainsaw to her severed skull.