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comes into school in bright blue eyeshadow and long eyelashes. Miss Hedge once again tells Jamie to get real, and Dean taunts Jamie, but Jamie kisses him in retaliation, leaving Dean confused. At home, Jamie shows Margaret and Ray his new prom dress, now shortened and fitted with working flashing lights. Margaret worries if this is all too much (Limited Edition Prom Night Special). The phone rings, and Jamie and Margaret are called to the school. Jamie, Margaret and Ray go to the school to meet with Miss Hedge, who tells Jamie that there have been rumours that he will be attending prom in drag, and she will not allow it. Jamie is disappointed, and Dean seems to know all about it. In Pritti's bedroom, Jamie rants to Pritti about how he is not allowed to go to prom in drag. Pritti tells Jamie to go in a dress - not in drag. Jamie says that without Mimi Me, he is ugly. Pritti reassures Jamie that he is far from ugly (It Means Beautiful). Jamie reveals that when he was eight, his dad found him in a dress and was angry. He is then confused as to why he paid for the dress and bought flowers if he is not supportive of him as a drag queen. Pritti suggests Jamie should go to his house and speak to him. Before he leaves, Jamie kisses Pritti on the cheek (It Means Beautiful (Reprise)). At the house of Jamie's dad, Jamie's dad reveals that he did not know about Mimi Me and calls Jamie disgusting. He tells Jamie he did not pay for the dress or flowers. Jamie figures out that it was his mother doing all of this in his dad's place (Ugly in This Ugly World). At home, Jamie argues with Margaret over why she has been lying over all these years. Jamie screams in Margaret's face and storms out. Margaret, left alone, sings about how she will always love Jamie no matter what (He's My Boy). Jamie wanders the streets drunk on cider. He is approached by three local boys, and is beaten up as they shout homophobic remarks about him. (And You Don't Even Know It (Bus Station Reprise)). Jamie is defended by Hugo, who urges Jamie to go home and apologise to his mum. Jamie takes Hugo's advice and Margaret and Jamie apologise to each other (My Man, Your Boy). At the prom, all of the kids are super excited (Prom Song). Pritti enters, wearing makeup and a prom dress. All the girls love it, but Dean decides to bully her. She finally stands up to Dean, and then reveals Jamie, in a white prom dress. Miss Hedge comes out of the school and refuses Jamie's admission to the prom. All the kids stand outside and chant Jamie's name until Miss Hedge gives in and lets him in. Jamie waits until everyone's gone in, and then calls Dean out from off-stage. Jamie encourages Dean to be nice just for one night, to which Dean agrees, and they walk into prom hand-in-hand (Finale). As an encore, the cast perform Out of the Darkness (A Place Where We Belong). MUSICAL NUMBERS Act One 1. And You Don’t Even Know It – Jamie, Miss Hedge & Year 11 2. And You Don’t Even Know It Tag - Jamie 3. The Wall in My Head – Jamie 4. Spotlight – Pritti & Year 11 Girls 5. Spotlight (Reprise) (Star of the Show) – Jamie & Pritti 6. The Legend of Loco Chanelle (and the Blood Red Dress) – Hugo & the Legs Eleven Girls 7. The Legend of Loco Chanelle (and the Blood Red Dress) (Reprise) – Hugo 8. If I Met Myself Again – Margaret