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tong) and he was fond of a glass on the sly..." 9. Soldiers' Chorus - "In us you see the chosen army of the land, who brave as lions are; before our force no enemy can ever stand..." 10. Solo and Ensemble - "He says I must go, for what I don't know, I'm sure I've done nothing that's naughty, and that I should be a prisoner of he..." ACT II 11. Boorioboola Gha Chorus - "Hickery, hackery, jim jam, Boorioboola Gha! Whit ger wockerty flim flam, Boorioboola Gha! Molly cum bibberty, carribolu..." 12. Captain Dietrich and Chorus - "I'm in lofe mit a shveet leedle girls, und Katrina vos vot she vos called, unt her hair dot vos long unt vas hanging in curls..." 13. Duet - Catherine and Le Blanc - "We are off to seek for Eva, she's the girl we want to see; if she's found we'll never leave her till I've married him to she..." 14. Male Quartette - "Round about the diamond field we go with billies in our hands, seeking here and seeking there the robbers of our land. Twelve o'clock..." 15. Policeman's Chant - "Prowling round the diamond fields at twelve o'clock at night, seeing all was right, safe and sound and tight. There we found a party..." 16. Song - Gabriel and Chorus - "Many, many years ago there lived a mighty king ... There lived a mighty king ... And his beard was white as snow..." 17. Song - Evangeline - "Where are thou now, my beloved? Canst thou not come to my call? Sad is my heart, as the shades fall around me..." 18. Finale Act II - "Great monarch, I thank thee for all you've done for me, and wish that ever throughout your life you may most happy be..." ACT III 19. Kissing Song - Evangeline - "Kissing goes they say by favour, and 'tis certain through all time. Kissing has a certain flavor, making it almost sublime..." 20. Duet - Evangeline and Gabriel - "Go not, happy day, yet a moment stay; brief has been thy measure. Tarry but an instant in thy flying..." 21. Song - Evangeline - "You wonder why I'm feeling so joyous and so gay, why pleasure, gently o'er me stealing, drives doubts and troubles far away." 22. Song and Waltz - Gabriel - "I've travelled East and West, and many countries seen; many a girl with teeth of pearl, and rosy cheeks I ween..." 23. Song - Evangeline - "Come to me quickly, my darling, leave me no longer alone, troubles and sorrows will vanish, only one kiss will atone..." 24. Marching Chorus - "When first the sound of battle came, we gaily marched away; for when we heard our country call, we could not but obey..." 25. Song - Evangeline - "Sweet the song of birds in springtime as they fill with music all the air! Sweet the breath of roses blooming, sighing out their souls..." 26. Grand Finale - "Our little play is done; we'd tried to give you fun; our only aim has been to please, been to please, been to please. All errors pray excuse."