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• LeBlanc, the Notary. (Although a notary coroner, in-quest of some-body, and led to believe there's a good deal in a name • Basil, the blacksmith. Who believes blacks myths, until convinced to the contrary by Evangeline • Felician, Eulalie's adorer (who persists in loving her, though it is sad o'er her wishes thus to ride rough shod) • Michael, a violinist. (Supposed to derive inspiration from a vial in his(t) pocket, a victim of fo(u)rtune's, though he knows but one) • The Captain (A champion of hard tack, which he's always champing) on, and Hardee's tactics) • King Boorioboola Gha, a suffering sovereign. The story of whose rule is a story of a reign of peace; sooty, and a kind it is hoped will suit.) • Lo, the lowest and lonest Indian of them all. Such a dealer in human hair as it is hoped you may ne'er meet on any stage put this) • The Reporter, a genius. Accustomed to report a fire, a robber or men dead. The least said about him because the soonest mended • The Policeman, called by facetious boys a peeler, possibly because he was never known to heed any appeal a prisoner might make. "Lucus a non", and all that sort of thing • Hans Wagner (Though corporal, fond of spiritual aide-de-camp; and as de-camp means leave the list of characters will be left here • The Lone Fisherman SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I: Acadia. • Scene 1: Exterior view of Basil's house, and a bird's eye view of the sea. • Scene 2: A Lane. • Scene 3: Basil's Kitchen. Act 2: Africa. The Desert of Sahara. • Scene 1: An inn in the desert. • Scene 2: The diamond fields. • Scene 3: The back yard of Boorioboola Gha's Palace. • Scene 4: The King's Hall of Justice. • Scene 5: The Prison. • Scene 6: The Public Square. Act 3: Arizona. • Scene 1: The Forest's edge. • Scene 2: A mountain pass. • Scene 3: Basil's orchard. MUSICAL NUMBERS (from the score) ACT I 1. Opening Chorus - "We must be off without delay, the wind is fresh, the sky is clear, come, boys, arouse and work away, too long we linger here..." 2. Ballad - Evangeline - "Wouldst know the thoughts by which my heart is brightened, and from whose presence care and sorrow flee? ..." 3. Trio - Catherine, Eulalie and Eva - "Into the water we'll go, there to have fun and be gay. Mermen and mermaids are down below, we'll be as happy as they." 4. Chorus - "She's saved, she's saved, the whale is disappointed; she's saved, she's saved, and happy are we all. Let's sing until our lungs are hoarse..." 5. Song - Gabriel - "Would you know the way I'm feeling? Listen then and I will tell you. I'm in love with such a darling girl, fit to be the fairies' Queen." 6. Song - Le Blanc and Chorus - "Come listen to the mournful tale that I will try to tell to you, about a sailor, Sammy Smug, who sailed upon the waters blue." 7. Duett - Evangeline and Gabriel - "The lover's breast is ne'er so blest as by the charm that music lends, for Cupid's dainty brow it bends..." 8. Song - Le Blanc and Chorus - "A farmer lived in a town nearby (with a ring, ting, ting, ting, ting, tang,