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EVANGELINE or, The Belle of Acadia An American Extravaganza with original Music in 3 Acts, 12 Scenes. Libretto by J. Cheever Goodwin. Suggested by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem Evangeline. Music by E. Everitt Rice [Edward E. Rice]. Niblo's Garden, New York - Opened 27 July, 1874; closed 8 August, 1874 (14 perfs). SYNOPSIS When her people are expelled by the British from their Acadian village, Evangeline and her lover Gabriel are separated. Evangeline wanders the world, from the wilds of Africa to the wilder West, before she is reunited with her fiancé. Freely adapted from Longfellow's poem, the burlesque included such characters as a dancing heifer, an amorous whale, and the Lone Fisherman, who is forever looking for the sea with his telescope but who never utters a word. MUSICAL NUMBERS (from the programme) 1. There's a man (Opening Chorus) 2. Would'st know the way? (Ballad) - Evangeline 3. She's saved! She's saved! (Choral) 4. (Sweet) Evangeline(Song and Dance) - Gabriel 5. Gorra, the Life Is a Hard One I Lead (Irish Song) - Michael 6. A Farmer Lived (Ditty) - Basil, Chorus 7. He Says I Must Go(Finale Act 1) - Evangeline Polka and Last Farewell Waltzes 8. Hickory Hacker, Jim Jam - (Chorus of Natives) 9. I'm in lofe (Dutch Song) - The Captain 10. We Are Off (to Seek for Eva) (Comic Duet) - Catherine, LeBlanc 11. Where Are Thou (Now), My Beloved? (Bereft) - Evangeline 12. Round about the City's Streets (Chant of Watchmen) 13. Prowling around the Diamond Fields (Policeman's Narrative) - Policeman 14. Evangeline March 15. She's Acquitted, (He's Outwitted) (Finale Act 2) - Evangeline 16. Waltzes; Evangeline Polka Mazurka 17. Go Not, Happy Day (Duet) - Evangeline, Gabriel 18. (The) Six Miserable Ruffians (Sextette) 19. Sammy Smug (Sextette) 20. You Wonder Why (Song and Dance) - Evangeline 21. Ohl Ain't this sweet? (Finale Act 3) CAST • Evangeline, the heroine (Victim of a misplaced affection, which nearly proves her ruin) • Eulalie, her confidante (Confidently hoping for woman's rights). • Catherine, Gabriel's mother (Large enough to smother anyone; fat, fair and two hundred and forty— pounds) • The Queen, the king's consort. (Though from the play it would appear that she never cons aught but her fingers.) • Gabriel, Evangeline's worshipper. (A good singer, though you may think that if you wore shipper, he would not be considered good in voice