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to see the woman immediately. she hurries off to find her. With Lady Bracknell gone, the four lovers sing a reprise of "The Muffin Song" where they ponder the situation and decide that they must elope this very afternoon - as improper as it may be. They just need to find a way around Lady Bracknell. The scene shifts to the lawn in front of the church - only a few minutes later. Dr. Chausable is preparing for the christenings of Jack and Algy. The group enters and Miss Prism comes out of the church; Lady Bracknell spots her. Miss Prism shrinks and looks for some means of escape. Lady Bracknell calls to her and demands to know where the male baby she left in her charge twenty-eight years ago is. The baby was in a baby carriage which was discovered three weeks later with no baby - just a three volume novel of revolting sentimentality. Miss Prism admits that she took the baby out of his carriage while taking him for a stroll, and also took out the book which she was writing from her handbag. She got distracted and put the baby in the handbag and novel in the carriage. She accidentally deposited the bag in the cloakroom of the Victoria Railway Station. Upon hearing this story, Jack leaves and returns with a black handbag which Prism says is hers - it even has her initials in it. As it turns out, Jack was the baby placed in that handbag. Lady Bracknell then tells Jack that he is actually the son of her sister - thereby making him Algy's elder brother. His name as it turns out is actually Ernest. Therefore, he isn't a fraud after all and doesn't need to re christened. So in the end, they all end up happily together (Even Miss Prism and Dr. Chausable get together.) and all sing a finale aptly titled "Ernest In Love." MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture 2. Come raise your cup 3. How do you find the words? 4. The hat 5. Mr. Bunbury 6. Perfection 7. A handbag is not a proper mother 8. A wicked man 9. Metaphorically speaking 10. You can't make love 11. Lost 12. My very first impression 13. The Muffin song 14. My eternal devotion 15. Ernest in love Cast: 10 men, 6 women INSTRUMENTATION Reed I (Piccolo/flute/clarinet), Reed II (oboe/clarinet), Reed III (bass clarinet [opt]/bassoon), piano, double bass Ernest in Love 1960 Original Broadway Cast