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10. Finale Act I - "Away to the chateau, away from the throng, where bridegroom and bride will be plighted ere long..." Entr'acte 11. Introduction, Chorus, Ensemble & Song - Marie - "Here on lord and lady waiting, court gallants and nobles all..." Exit (Reprise) - "Here on lord and lady waiting..." 12. Song - Eugène - "Darkest the hour ere light of dawn beameth; deepest the gloom ere the storm clouds divide..." 13. Chorus & Song - Erminie - "Joy attend our Erminie, hers be ev'ry earthly bliss..." 14. Song - Erminie - "A lover in his mirror gaz'd, with visage wan, and glare half-craz'd, to see if thinner he had grown..." 15. Song - Cadeaux & Whistling Chorus - "I'm not a free agent, like any of you, there's them as looks arter my fate..." 16. Vocal Gavotte - "Join in pleasure, dance a measure, fondly treasure hours so bright..." 17. Lullaby - Erminie & Chorus - "Dear mother, in dreams I see her, with lov'd face sweet and calm..." 18. Supper Chorus - "Come to supper, let's repair..." Scene Change 19. Concerted Piece (unaccompanied) - "'Tis growing late, yes, 'tis growing late, and time to end the fête..." 20. Finale Act II - "Should we gain your favours, ev'ry heart is gay..." CAST Marquis de Pontvert Eugène Marcel (the Marquis' secretary) Vicomte Ernest de Brissac Captain Delaunay (a young officer) Sergeant Dufois (the Landlord of the Lion d'Or) Simon (a Waiter) Henri Pierre Chevalier de Brabazon (the Marquis' guest) Ravennes (a thief) Cadeau (a thief) Cerise Marcel (Erminie's companion) Javotte (Erminie's maid) Marie Clementine Princesse de Gramponeur Erminie de Pontvert M. St. Brice M. D'Auvigne M. De Nailles M. de Sangres Mme. St. Brice Mme. de Lage Mme. de Brefchamp Mme. de Chateauln Antoinette Charlotte Jeanette Mignon Rosalie Niniche Nanine Fanchette SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY ACT I - The Village Fête in Pontvert, France. ACT II - The Ballroom in the Marquis de Pontvert's Chateau.