Shows E

THE GUARDSMAN: leading Man. Romantic. Adventurous. Passionate--but manly. THE ACTRESS (low B below middle C to high A-flat an octave and a 6th above middle C): leading lady. Romantic, neurotic, flamboyant, adventurous, mercurial, passionate; she wants it all. She should be primarily legit with a nice mix or chest in the lower voice. THE PLAYWRIGHT (low A to D-sharp above middle C): older than the Actor. Former leading man. Ironic, sardonic, a trouble maker. N.B. This is more of a speak/singing role, but singing is crucial nonetheless. It does not have to be as legit as the leading lady and man; more Rex Harrison. THE DRESSER (a real mezzo, legit; low A below middle C to D-flat): older than the Actress. Former leading lady. Straight talker. No nonsense. Lives vicariously through the actress. WIGS (low B to high A; a tenor with low note. Like Wardrobe, he is rangy, but tends to lie high in the ensemble numbers. Much of his high work can be done in a supported falsetto.): character actor. Worldly. The only romantically satisfied character in the play. WARDROBE (middle C to high B-flat; she is a soprano and is responsible for the high notes in the ensemble numbers-she is the most rangy of the roles): naive, innocent. In love with the theatre. ASM (low B to high E; a baritone comfortable with a reasonably high tessitura): Slightly anal. Slightly finicky. Slight. INSTRUMENTATION - (6 musicians) Reed (Flute, Piccolo); Trumpet; Cello; Piano; Bass; Percussion