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ENTER LAUGHING Play with music. Henry Miller Theatre, Broadway - 13 March, 1963 (419 Perfs) Musical in 2 acts (previously entitled So Long 174th Street) Book by Joseph Stein; music and lyrics by Stan Daniels; based on the play by Joseph Stein from the novel by Carl Reiner York Theatre Company, off-Broadway 28 - 30th, 2007 (5 perfs). With music and lyrics by Stan Daniels SYNOPSIS Based on the semi-autobiographical novel of comedian Carl Reiner, it centers on the journey of young aspiring actor stage-struck, woman-struck teenager, David Kolowitz who blunders his way into manhood via showbiz, and of how he tries to extricate himself from overly protective parents (who want him to be a married pharmacist) and two too many girlfriends, while struggling to meet the challenge of a dearth of talent in 1930s New York City. The perfect musical comedy for anyone who ever had a show biz dream, a nagging Mother, a fascination with the opposite sex, a song in their heart or a laugh in their soul. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. David Kolowitz, the Actor 2. It's Like, I;m Undressing Girls With My Eyes 3. You 4. The Man I Can Love 5. Say the Words 6. Whoever You Are 7. My Son, the Druggist 8. He Touched Her 9. Hot Cha Cha 10. Boy, Oh Boy 11. The Butler's Song 12. Being With You 13. If You Want To Break Your Mother's Heart 14. So Long, 174th Street SCENES AND SETTINGS Setting - New York 1936 Enter Laughing (Original Off-Broadway Cast, The York Theatre Company)