Shows E

8. A Little Kiss (Duet) - Parker, Cheviot Hill 9. Prince Charming - Minnie, Cheviot Hill 10. The Story of a Sheep - Belvawney, Cheviot Hill 11. A Joyful Wedding Day (Finale Act 2) - Minnie, Belinda Treherre, Maggie Macfarlane, Mrs. Macfarlane, Parker, Cheviot Hill, Mr Symperson, Angus Macfarlane ACT 3 12. Sometimes (Trio) - Minnie, Belinda Treherre, Belvawney 13. Dear, Dear Sisters (Duet) - Belinda Treherre, Minnie 14. A Jury of His Peers (Quartet) - Minnie, Belinda Treherre, Cheviot Hill, Mr Symperson 15. Liberty - Belvawney, Cheviot Hill 16. Finale Act 3 - Belinda Treherre, Minnie, Maggie Macfarlane, Mrs. Macfarlane, Parker, Cheviot Hill, Belvawney, Mr Symperson, Angus Macfarlane ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance): • Maggie Macfarlane, a lowland lassie: MARJORIE VONNEGUT • Angus Macfarlane, a lowland peasant lad: ALBERT HECHT. • Mrs. Macfarlane, a lowland widow: MARGARET LOVE. • Belvawney, a gentleman from London: JAY FASSETT. • Belinda Treherre, a lady in distress: ANTOINETTE PERRY. • Mr. Symperson, a father: GEORGE RIDDELL. • Cheviot Hill, a young man of property: J. M. KERRIGAN. • Major McGillicuddy, an officer and a gentleman: PEAVEY WELLS. • Parker, Minnie Symperson's maid: DOLLE GRAY. • Minnie, Symperson's daughter: ROSAMOND WHITESIDE.