Shows E

12. land) 13. QUARTET (Dick, Elphin, Jim, and Liza) "For One Night Only" (To-night you'll be a bloomin' swell) 14. FINALE (Fancy his getting the Earldom!) ACT II 15. OPENING CHORUS (Madly and merrily here we go) 16. SONG (Daisy) "The Prettiest Girl in Town" (There's a girl who is always so busy) 17. SONG (Elphin) "Careless Kate" (Simple little maiden once I used to know) 18. CHORUS "Hail! Your Lordship" (Hail! the heir so long expected) 19. SONG (Jim) AND CHORUS "I'm a Lord, What Ho!" (Behold in me a belted Earl) 20. VOCAL GAVOTTE "To and Fro" (To and fro, dignified and slow) 21. SONG (Dick) "My Cosy Corner Girl" (Beside the murmuring sad sea waves) 22. SONG (Daisy) "Sammy" (Did you ever meet the fellow fine and dandy) 23. SONG (Crewe Boodle) AND CHORUS "The Grenadiers" (There's a far-off hum) 24. SONG (Crewe Boodle) "The Queen of June" (Out in the garden closes) 25. FINALE .. (By the Shore of the Mediterranean) SCENES AND SETTINGS: ACT I. — "FALLOWFIELD ARMS." (Afternoon) ACT II. —THE CONSERVATORY AT STOLE HALL. (Same Evening)