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THE ENCHANTRESS A comic opera in 2 Acts. Book and Lyrics by Fred de Gresac and Harry B. Smith. Music by Victor Herbert New York Theatre, New York. Opened 19th October, 1911: closed 20th January, 1912 (104 performances) SYNOPSIS The country of Zergovia, whose minister of war, Ozir, persuades the prima donna, Vivien Savary, to seduce Prince Ivan. If Ivan marries a commoner, he must abdicate, and Ozir will then govern the country. Vivien succeeds, but falling in love with Ivan, she forces Ozir to give her the abdication papers, which she destroys. A timely discovery that Vivien has royal blood solves any remaining problem. MUSICAL NUMBERS Overture 1. Opening Number - Six Princesses - "In long, long trains and corsage écolleté, with maidenly smiles disarming..." 2. Duo - Prince Zepi and Princess Stephanie - "I was a shy little, coy little maid; he was a brave cavalier..." 3. Duet - Troute and Poff - "On the avenue walking you see just ahead..." (4 verses, and dance) 4. Entrance of Regent - "Give a greeting with loyalty to the proxy of royalty, for our gentlemanly Regent is approaching." 5. Song - Regent - "Some people seem to fancy that this life's a serious thing..." 6. Entrance of Prince Ivan - "I've travelled around this gay old world, all kinds of girls I've met..." 7. Entrance of Vivien - "Here is she who rules us by her charm and grace! Queen of song, enchantress..." 8. Song - Poppy and Girls - "When a girl is just beginning her career of husband winning..." 9. Duo - Vivien and Prince Ivan - "Rose, lucky rose, tho' your life is but an hour, she has held you, happy flow'r, to her breast." 10. Finale Act I - "My temporary subjects loyal, I yield the Regency today, for your Prince has come of age..." 11. Opening Chorus - "We are having dreadful weather ... Don't you think it's time to go? ..." 12. Song - Stellina and Chorus - "Mamma is a queen and papa is a king; so I am a Princess, I know it..." 13. Goldfish Song - Vivien - "Come, little fishes of golden hue, I've something awfully nice for you..." 14. Duo - Troute and Moumoute - "I'm a millionaire hidalgo, with me dear you must, and shall go to the land of Spain..." 15. Duo - Vivien and Prince Ivan - "A King! What is it to be King? A puppet crown'd whose life is not his own..." 16. Madrigal - Six Princesses - "Once there was a very happy little Princess, long, long ago..." 17. Song, with variations - Marion - "There was once a simple little tune, a sweetly pretty thing..." 18. Dance (Troute and Mina) 19. Song - Vivien and Ozir - "If you have a secret and would keep it all your own, trust not a friend, trust not a foe..." 20. Finale Ultimo - "I can resist not, I love you, love you, let the world say what it may..."