Shows E

MR. TALK (an English Solicitor) - MR. FRANK ELLISTON. MR. HAZELL (Host of "Fallowfield Arms") - MR. REGINALD CROMPTON. DUDLEY CRANBOURNE - MR. POWIS PINDER. GEORGE BELLAMY (Friends of Crewe Boodle) - MR. CHAS. CHILDERSTONE. HUGH WALLANDER - MR. ALEC FRASER. ROSSITER - MR. ERNEST TORRENCE. GEORGE (Footmen at Stole Hall) - MR. RUDOLPH LEWIS. CHARLES - MR. J. GORDON. ELPHIN HAYE (an American Heiress) - MISS AGNES FRASER. LIZA SHODDAM (Yim Cheese's Sweetheart) - MISS FLORENCE LLOYD. MRS. SHIMMERING BLACK (a Strong Lady) - MISS HELEN KINNAIRD. DAISY FALLOWFIELD (Elphin Haye's Friend) - MISS LOUIE POUNDS. MISS VIRGINIA BLISS (Elphin Haye's Aunt) - MISS PHYLLIS BROUGHTON. (Ladies of Crewe Boodle's Party) LADY GUSSIE - MISS L. LEIBRANDT. LADY VIOLET - MISS OLIVE RAE. LADY GWENDOLINE - MISS G. THORNTON. LADY ETHEL - MISS STANDEN. LADY MURIEL - MISS WINIFRED HART-DYKE. (Guests at the Hall) The Hon. Birdie Harold - Miss Florrie Sutherland. The Hon. I. O. Ewe - Miss Hammerton. Miss Astorbilt - Miss Taylor. Miss D. Licht - Miss Glenn. The Hon. Mrs. De Brett - Miss Williams. Miss T. Gordon - Miss Rosie Edwards. Miss Bertha Late - Miss Ricards. Miss R. Rollo - Miss Francis. Miss P. R. Brighton -Miss Ohmead. Miss L. Montez - Miss Lily McIntyre. Violet Rose - Miss Beresford. Miss Ventnor - Miss Harris. MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I 1. OPENING CHORUS - (After a capital day) 2. SONG (Daisy) AND CHORUS - "The Sporting Girl" (Some girls I know like living in a town) 3. DUET (Jim and Liza) "Celebrities" (Oh, the public don't appreciate them dogs) 4. CONCERTED NUMBER "Little Ladies in Distress" (Oh, dear me, what on earth are we to do?) 5. SONG (Daisy) AND CHORUS " Shopping " (When my ship comes in) 6. SONG (Crewe Boodle) "Thou Art My Rose" (In the hush of silver morning) 7. SONG (Downham) "I Haven't a Moment to Spare" (I'm sure I shall always remember) 8. QUARTET (Talk, Bunker Bliss, Mrs. Black, and Downham) "When We Get Hold of Him" .. (I know somebody I want to meet) 9. DUET (Elphin and Dick) "We Were So Happy, You and I " (The first time that we met) 10. SONG (Elphin) AND CHORUS "When a Maiden Leaves School " (When a maiden leaves school) 11. SONG (Dick) AND CHORUS "By the Shore of the Mediterranean" (Away, come away from the gray