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Lady Winifred aren’t so sure, but Stitch explains that everyone “in the know” has heard of them... and that only people who are out of the loop haven’t. Not wanting to seem uncouth, Sinister admits that he has heard of Stitch and Sew and agrees to introduce them at court. The Throne Room. Chester enters singing “The Emperor Needs New Clothes” and is interrupted by Verity, a poor scullery maid from the Royal Kitchens. They become fast friends. Verity explains that her name means “The Truth” and reveals magic glasses given to her by her aunt before she died and left Verity an orphan. Chester reveals that he is also an orphan, but, when Verity looks at him through her magic glasses, she sees a prince! Verity explains that the glasses always show the truth, no matter what. Chester looks at Verity through the glasses and sees a princess. They laugh, thinking how nice it would be if that were really the case (“If I Could Be a Princess”). They are interrupted by the Royal Court. Verity hides behind the throne as Sinister enters and introduces Stitch and Sew to the Emperor (“Stitch and Sew – Reprise”). The Emperor is very interested in the kind of clothes that they make. Stitch reveals that they only make a very particular kind of clothing – clothing that can only be seen by the most wonderful, smart and savvy people... clothing that is invisible to fools and nothings. The Emperor is intrigued, but the Empress is suspicious. Still, with Sinister’s prompting, they agree to hire Stitch and Sew and give them a long list of items to be made for the next day’s Royal Procession that is honoring poor Lester the Lost (“The Emperor Needs New Clothes – Reprise”). Unafraid, the tailors accept the Emperor’s challenge, and the Court exits, leaving Chester and Verity alone once more. Verity doesn’t believe one word that the tailors have said and suggests that, the next morning, they use her magic glasses to see if the invisible clothes are real. Not wanting to part, Chester and Verity wish that they were really royalty and that they could be together (“If I Could Be a Princess – Reprise”). Tailor Quarters / The Palace Exterior. Stitch and Sew have the candles blazing, pretending that they’re awake and making the Emperor’s new “clothes.” The members of the court are curious and, one by one, Lady Winifred, Sinister, the Emperor and the Empress enter, trying to get a glimpse of what the tailors are doing (“Making Invisible Clothes”). Chester enters and stretches out to sleep as the Court exits into the wings. Act Two The Next Morning. Palace Exterior. Chester and the Court greet the day with anticipation. Everyone is brimming with excitement (“Welcome to the Palace – Reprise”). The Emperor and Empress arrive and ask how Stitch and Sew are doing, but no one seems to know. The whole kingdom is buzzing with the news that the Emperor will soon have new invisible clothing. The members of the Court are anxious that they won’t be able to see the new clothing, proving that they are dimwitted, but everyone is determined to put on a brave face. No one wants to be suspected of being dimwitted, but the Empress admits that she’s a bit worried. She asks the Emperor if invisible clothing is really such a good idea – won’t some people see nothing at all? (“What Good Are Invisible Clothes?”). The Emperor sends Sinister, Lady Winifred and Sir Ivan to check on Stitch and Sew. He wants to know if they are able to see the clothing. The Tailor Quarters. Stitch and Sew are relaxing. Even though they’re tired from a long night of pretending to work, they can’t help but dream about all of the jewels they’ll have when the Emperor pays them. Stitch assures Sew that everyone in the kingdom will pretend that they can see the invisible clothes to avoid looking like imbeciles. The plan is fool proof. There is a knock on the door. Stitch and Sew get back to “work,” snipping and sewing the air with their scissors and thread. Sinister enters with Lady Winifred and Sir Ivan. Sure enough, even though they can’t see the clothing, everyone pretends as though they can to avoid looking foolish. No one wants to admit that they’re dimwitted! They gush over the beauty of the cloth and the quality of the designs. When they leave, Stitch and Sew are thrilled! Their plan is going to work (“Stitch and Sew – Reprise”). Hallway of the Palace. Sinister, Lady Winifred and Sir Ivan assure the Emperor and Empress that the invisible clothes are exquisite, but the Empress is not convinced. She decides to go have a look herself, threatening to fire Sinister and his cronies if she doesn’t see anything. The Tailor Quarters. The Empress enters as Stitch and Sew jump back to “work.” The Empress doesn’t